Chapter 17.152


17.152.010    General regulations.

17.152.020    Junkyards.

17.152.030    Mobilehomes.

17.152.010 General regulations.

The provisions of this chapter shall apply in all districts adopted by this title. [Ord. 772 § 17.68.010, 1986. Code 1987 § 17.68.010].

17.152.020 Junkyards.

Junkyards and auto salvage yards conducted outside a building do not conform to the provisions of this title and shall be removed or made to comply within 10 years of the effective date of the ordinance codified in this title. In the interim period these uses shall be considered legally nonconforming and shall comply with the provisions of Chapter 17.164 LEMC, Nonconforming Uses. During this interim period such nonconforming uses shall be maintained in a good, clean, and safe manner. Such uses which have been vacated for a period of 180 days shall be removed entirely. [Ord. 772 § 17.68.020, 1986. Code 1987 § 17.68.020].

17.152.030 Mobilehomes.

Mobilehomes or manufactured houses shall not be located outside of approved mobilehome or recreational vehicle parks or in a Mobilehome Community District subject to Chapter 17.92 LEMC, unless placed on a permanent foundation and in accordance with the other provisions of LEMC 17.44.020. [Ord. 772 § 17.68.030, 1986. Code 1987 § 17.68.030].