Chapter 8.12


8.12.010    Authority.

8.12.020    Purpose and scope of provisions.

8.12.030    Fees.

8.12.010 Authority.

The fire chief for the city and such paid firemen and volunteers as the chief may designate shall inspect all buildings and residences in the city as often as the chief finds necessary for the enforcement of applicable fire regulations. (Ord. 566 §1, 1978)

8.12.020 Purpose and scope of provisions.

The inspection and examination authorized by this chapter shall be for the purpose of reporting and correcting the following fire hazards pertaining to buildings and their occupants:

A.    Disrepair;

B.    Age and dilapidated condition;

C.    Faulty or unapproved construction;

D.    Inadequate fire escapes or lack of means of egress;

E.    Inadequate fire alarm protection;

F.    Inadequate fire extinguishing equipment;

G.    Materials and buildings especially susceptible to fire;

H.    Conditions endangering other property or occupants;

I.    Any other fire hazards dangerous to life or property. (Ord. 566 §2, 1978)

8.12.030 Fees.

The fee for the inspection required under this chapter shall be fifteen dollars per year, which fee shall be assessed on all residential dwellings and commercial buildings in the city. (Ord. 566 §3, 1978)