Chapter 9.12


9.12.010    Minor defined.

9.12.020    Hours of curfew.

9.12.030    Violation--Penalty.

9.12.010 Minor defined.

For purposes of this chapter, a “minor” is defined as any person under the age of eighteen years. (Ord. 518 §3, 1975)

9.12.020 Hours of curfew.

It is unlawful for any minor to be in or on any public street, road, park, square or any other public place, or place open to the public such as any cafe, restaurant, bowling alley, drive-in or any place of amusement between the hours of eleven p.m. and five a.m. of the following day; except when the minor is accompanied by a parent, legal guardian or other adult person having the care and custody of the minor, or where the presence of the minor in the place or places is connected with or required by some legitimate business, trade, profession or occupation, by reason of employment, inclusive of time necessary for going to and returning from such place of business at which the minor is in attendance, or where the minor is going to or from a legitimate activity such as, but not limited to, attendance at a theater or school supervised function or other scheduled supervised activity and is not loitering or engaged in questionable activity. (Ord. 518 §1, 1975; Ord. 454 §2, 1970)

9.12.030 Violation--Penalty.

Any minor violating the terms of this chapter is guilty of a misdemeanor and may be immediately apprehended and lawfully detained and dealt with under the provisions of the Juvenile Court Law. (Ord. 454 §4, 1970)