Chapter 17.11


17.11.010    Purpose.

17.11.020    Performance standards/architectural and design review.

17.11.030    Uses permitted.

17.11.040    Uses permitted subject to the issuance of a zoning permit.

17.11.050    Uses permitted subject to the issuance of a use permit.

17.11.060    Development standards.

17.11.010 Purpose.

To provide areas suitable for heavy commercial, light manufacturing, and fabrication uses which do not specialize in pedestrian traffic. The following regulations shall apply in all C-3 districts. (Ord. 796 Att. A(part), 1999)

17.11.020 Performance standards/architectural and design review.

All uses permitted within the C-3 district shall be subject to the performance standards set forth in

Chapter 17.28 and to architectural and design review as set forth in Chapter 17.27. (Ord. 796 Att. A(part), 1999)

17.11.030 Uses permitted.

A.    Retail sales of large and bulky household items such as appliances, carpets, floor coverings, furniture, fireplaces, and wood stoves.

B.    Retail fuel sales and the sale and installation of auto parts and accessories such as tires or battery stores, muffler shops, and tune-up shops.

C.    Commercial trade services, with or without incidental retail sales, such as cleaning and dyeing agencies, bottling works, funeral homes without crematoriums, cabinet and carpentry shops, blacksmiths, welding, machine shops, furniture repair, and upholstery shops.

D.    Construction sales and services such as building supply stores with lumber storage yards, general and specialty contractor offices, electrical, plumbing and heating shops, and equipment rental shops.

E.    Warehouse and mini-storage uses.

F.    Farm supply stores, farm implement sales and service shops, and agricultural supply cooperatives.

G.    Professional uses and construction support services such as blueprinting, duplicating, printing, drafting, engineering, surveying, planning, and architectural services.

H.    Laundry, janitorial, and facility maintenance services.

I.    Light manufacturing assembly, packaging, and processing of products when associated with retail or wholesale uses.

J.    General administrative services and professional offices.

K.    Emergency shelters. (Ord. 880 §2(2)(part), 2010; Ord. 821 §1(part), 2003; Ord. 796 Att. A(part), 1999)

17.11.040 Uses permitted subject to the issuance of a zoning permit.

A.    Short term promotional events, and special outdoor events.

B.    Lumber storage yards.

C.    Medical offices and facilities.

D.    Retail and service uses in support of office activities.

E.    Temporary offices. (Ord. 821 §1(part), 2003; Ord. 796 Att. A(part), 1999)

17.11.050 Uses permitted subject to the issuance of a use permit.

A.    Outdoor display, sale, and leasing of automobiles, recreational vehicles, mobilehomes, modular homes, factory built homes, trucks, trailers, swimming pools, and large storage tanks.

B.    Contractor heavy equipment storage yards or heavy equipment rental yards.

C.    Churches, schools, and day care facilities.

D.    Funeral homes with a crematorium.

E.    Animal shelters.

F.    Automobile and truck service/repair shops and garages providing minor and major repair, body work, and painting.

G.    Adult oriented businesses.

H.    Bed and breakfast inns with food service and catering.

I.    Residential care facility.

J.    Emergency shelters which do not meet the location, development, and/or performance standards set forth in Section 17.28.010(EE).

K.    Commercial cannabis consisting of cultivation, manufacturing without volatile solvents, testing, distribution and retailers activities subject to the regulations set forth in Chapter 5.34. (Ord. 915 §4, 2018; Ord. 893 §3(10), 2014; Ord. 880 §2(2)(part), 2010; Ord. 821 §1(part), 2003; Ord. 796 Att. A(part), 1999)

17.11.060 Development standards.

A.    Minimum Lot Size.

1.    Interior lots: twelve thousand square feet.

2.    Corner lots: twelve thousand five hundred square feet.

B.    Minimum Average Lot Width.

1.    Interior lots: one hundred feet.

2.    Corner lots: one hundred twenty feet.

C.    Minimum Lot Length. Eighty feet.

D.    Maximum Length to Width Ratio. Three to one.

E.    Maximum Lot Coverage. Sixty percent.

F.    Maximum Floor Area Ratio. .45.

G.    Minimum Yards.

1.    Front yard: fifteen feet from lot line.

2.    Rear yard: ten feet.

3.    Side yard: zero, or at least ten feet from a residential lot line.

H.    Maximum Allowable Height.

1.    Principal structure: thirty-five feet.

2.    Accessory structure: fifteen feet.

I.    Parking. See Chapter 17.23.

J.    Signs. See sign ordinance. (Ord. 796 Att. A(part), 1999)