Chapter 10.24


10.24.010    Truck routes designated.

10.24.020    Weight limits for commercial vehicles imposed on certain streets – Exceptions.

10.24.010 Truck routes designated.

Isabel Avenue, Kitty Hawk Road between Jack London Boulevard and Airway Boulevard, Airway Boulevard between Kitty Hawk Road and Interstate 580, and East Stanley Boulevard west of Isabel Avenue, within the corporate limits of the City, are hereby declared to be and are established as truck routes, which shall remain unrestricted by any ordinance or regulation of the City as to weight limits or types of vehicles, so long as this section shall remain in effect. (Ord. 2065 § 1(A), 2018; Ord. 1787 § 1, 2006; Ord. 1718 § 1, 2004; Ord. 1365 § 8, 1991; 1960 code § 13.14)

10.24.020 Weight limits for commercial vehicles imposed on certain streets – Exceptions.

It is unlawful for any person to drive or place, or cause to be driven or placed, any commercial vehicle upon any street in the City, except those streets designated as truck routes in LMC 10.24.010, when such vehicle is of a gross weight in excess of 6,000 pounds. Excepting:

A. Any vehicle which is subject to the provisions of Sections 1031 through 1036 of the Public Utilities Code of the state;

B. A commercial vehicle for hire coming from an unrestricted street having ingress and egress by direct route to and from such restricted streets when necessary for the purpose of making pickups or deliveries of goods, wares and merchandise from or to any building or structure located on such restricted streets, or for the purpose of delivering materials to be used in the actual and bona fide repair, alteration, remodeling or construction of any building or structure upon such restricted street for which a building permit has previously been obtained;

C. Any vehicle owned by a public utility, licensed contractor or a municipal corporation while necessarily being used in the construction, installation or repair of any public utility or street. (Ord. 2065 § 1(A), 2018; Ord. 2016 § 1(I), 2015; Ord. 1787 § 1, 2006; Ord. 1718 § 2, 2004; Ord. 1365 § 9, 1991; 1960 code § 13.14)