Title 13


Division I. Water

13.04    General Provisions

13.08    Service and Service Connections

13.09    Backflow Prevention

13.12    Water Main Extensions

13.16    Water Meters

13.20    Rates and Charges

13.24    Zone 7 Connection Charges

13.25    Water Efficient Landscape

13.26    Water Conservation Measures for City Customers

13.27    Mandatory Drought Conservation Measures

Division II. Sewers

13.28    Wastewater Connection and Construction

13.32    Wastewater Collection and Treatment System

13.36    Sewer Service and Use Charges

13.40    Repealed

Division III. Storm Drainage

13.44    Storm Drainage Facilities

13.45    Stormwater Management and Control Program

13.46    Stormwater System Enterprise Fund

Division IV. Underground Utilities

13.48    Underground Utility Facilities

Division V. Community Cable Television

13.52    Cable System Regulations

13.60    State Video Franchises