Chapter 2.08

2.08.010    Duties generally.

*    As to the duty of the clerk to administer oaths and affirmations, see Charter, Art. II, Section 8.

2.08.010 Duties generally.

It shall be the duty of the city clerk, in addition to the duties required by state law:

(1)    To properly endorse and file all reports, documents, maps, plats, field notes, surveys and other matter required to be filed or recorded by law, provision of this code, ordinance or order of the council; and after the filing thereof, no such instrument shall be permitted to be taken out of his office, except upon written order of the mayor;

(2)    To issue written notices to the councilmen for special meetings of the council, and also to issue notices to the chairman of the different committees of the council of all subjects referred to them, and in the absence from the city of the chairman, then to some member of the committee;

(3)    To copy all ordinances and resolutions and furnish the same to the city printer; also, to copy all contracts when the city is a party interested, when required by the council or a committee of the same. (Ord. 1027 § 1, 1985: prior code § 2.13).