Chapter 2.10

2.10.010    Office created.

2.10.020    Councilman noneligibility.

2.10.030    Bond.

2.10.040    Powers and duties.

2.10.045    Relations with city council.

2.10.050    Departmental cooperation.

2.10.060    Relations with officers and employees.

2.10.070    Acting city manager.

2.10.080    Agreements on employment.

2.10.090    Conflicts.

*    Prior ordinance history: Ord. 817.

2.10.010 Office created.

There is created the position of city manager who shall be appointed by and serve at the pleasure of the council, serve directly under the supervision and control of the council, and receive such compensation as may be fixed from time to time by resolution of the council. (Ord. 1309 § 8 (part), 2007; Ord. 1014 § 1, 1984).

2.10.020 Councilman noneligibility.

No member of the city council shall be eligible for appointments as city manager until one year has elapsed after such councilmember shall cease to be a member of the city council. (Ord. 1309 § 8 (part), 2007; Ord. 1014 § 2, 1984).

2.10.030 Bond.

The city manager shall be covered by a corporate surety bond to be approved by the city council in such sum as may be determined by the council and shall be conditioned upon the faithful performance of the duties imposed upon the city manager as prescribed in this chapter. (Ord. 1309 § 8 (part), 2007; Ord. 1014 § 3, 1984).

2.10.040 Powers and duties.

The city manager shall be the chief executive officer and administrative head of the city government under the direction and control of the city council. He may head one or more of the departments of city government and shall be responsible to the council for the proper administration of such departments. He shall provide administrative supervision, direction, and assistance on behalf of the city council to all city departments. He shall coordinate the work of all city departments to ensure efficient operation, to eliminate duplication of effort, and to achieve maximum overall efficiency, responsiveness and effectiveness of the city government organization. However, in carrying out these duties, the city manager shall hold department heads responsible for the proper operation of their respective departments, consistent with their departmental missions and relevant city ordinances, policies, rules and regulations, and state and federal laws and regulations, under direction of the city manager.

(1)    To coordinate efforts to see that all laws and ordinances are being properly enforced within the city;

(2)    To attend meetings of the council with the duty of reporting on or discussing any matter concerning the affairs of the departments, services, or activities which, in his judgment, the council should be informed about;

(3)    To supervise city department heads to ensure compliance with council policies and ordinances;

(4)    To coordinate the administrative functions and operations of the various departments, divisions, and services of the city government and, on its behalf, to carry out the policies, rules, regulations, and laws adopted by the council relating to the administration of the affairs of such departments, divisions, or services;

(5)    To analyze the functions, duties, and activities of the various departments, divisions, and services of the city government and all employees thereof and to make such recommendations to the council with reference thereto as, in his judgment, will result in the highest degree of efficiency in the overall operation of the city government;

(6)    To prepare and submit the preliminary annual operating and capital improvement budget to the council prior to June 30th of each year;

(7)    Prepare and submit to the council, as of the end of the fiscal year, a complete report on the finances and administrative activities of the city for the preceding year;

(8)    Keep the council advised of the financial condition and future needs of the city, and make such recommendations as he may deem desirable;

(9)    To be responsible for the administration of the budget after its final adoption and to keep the council informed with respect thereto;

(10)    As agent for the council, to supervise the expenditures of all departments, divisions, and services of the city government;

(11)    To recommend and coordinate the development and organization of necessary public improvement projects and programs and, in accordance with council direction, carry the same through to successful conclusion;

(12)    To coordinate public relations efforts for the city government;

(13)    To work with department heads and the council in the investigation of all complaints concerning:

(A)    The administration or the government of the city; and

(B)    The level and quality of services maintained by the city;

(14)    To ensure that all franchises, permits, and privileges granted by the city are faithfully observed;

(15)    To make investigations of the affairs of the city, and any department and division thereof, and to investigate any contract or the status of the performance of any obligation owing or running to the city, and to report promptly to the council all results of the aforesaid investigations which disclose irregularities;

(16)    To recommend to the council for adoption such policies, measures, and ordinances, as he may deem necessary or expedient for the health, safety, or welfare of the community, or for the improvement of administrative services, or which may assist him in the performance of the duties of city manager, as provided by this chapter;

(17)    The city manager shall have such administrative authority as is necessary for the carrying out of the provisions of this chapter;

(18)    See that the terms of all contracts, agreements, and franchises are complied with. (Ord. 1355 § 1 (part), 2013; Ord. 1309 § 8 (part), 2007; Ord. 1014 § 4, 1984).

2.10.045 Relations with city council.

The city council and its members shall deal with the administrative services of the city only through the city manager, except for purposes of inquiry, and neither the mayor, city council nor any member thereof shall give orders to any subordinates of the city manager, except that this limitation and prohibition do not apply to the city council’s relations with the city attorney. No individual councilmember shall give any orders or instructions to the city manager. The city council shall instruct the city manager in matters of policy. Any action, determination or omission of the city manager shall be subject to review by the city council. (Ord. 1355 § 2, 2013).

2.10.050 Departmental cooperation.

It shall be the duty of all officers and employees of the city to assist the city manager in administering the affairs of the city efficiently, economically, and harmoniously so far as may be consistent with their duties as prescribed by Charter, law, and ordinances of the city. (Ord. 1309 § 8 (part), 2007; Ord. 1014 § 5, 1984).

2.10.060 Relations with officers and employees.

In the discharge of his duties as city manager, he shall endeavor at all times to exercise the highest degree of tact, patience, and courtesy in his contacts with the public and with all city commissions, boards, departments, officers, and employees and shall use his best efforts to establish and maintain a harmonious relationship between all personnel employed in the government of the city to the end that the highest possible standards of public service shall be continuously maintained. (Ord. 1309 § 8 (part), 2007; Ord. 1014 § 6, 1984).

2.10.070 Acting city manager.

(a)    The city manager shall have the authority to appoint an acting administrator in the temporary absence or disability of the city manager. However, in the event such an acting appointment is anticipated to be for longer than fifteen consecutive days, then the appointment of the acting administrator shall be made in advance by the city council.

(b)    The acting administrator shall exercise the powers and perform the duties as provided in this chapter.

(c)    Any person appointed as acting city manager shall receive no increase in compensation over that received for the position they normally occupy in the city organization unless the city council shall approve different terms of compensation. (Ord. 1309 § 8 (part), 2007; Ord. 1014 § 7, 1984).

2.10.080 Agreements on employment.

Nothing in this chapter shall be construed as a limitation on the power or authority of the city council to enter into any supplemental agreement with the city manager delineating additional terms and conditions of employment not inconsistent with any provisions of this chapter. (Ord. 1309 § 8 (part), 2007; Ord. 1014 § 8, 1984).

2.10.090 Conflicts.

To the extent that any provision of this chapter clearly conflicts with the provision of any chapter, this chapter shall control. (Ord. 1309 § 8 (part), 2007; Ord. 1014 § 9, 1984).