Chapter 10.80

10.80.010    Permit required.

10.80.020    Flange wheel machinery.

10.80.010 Permit required.

No person shall move or operate upon any of the city streets any vehicle with a load or loads in excess of those permitted by the Vehicle Code without a written permit from the city engineer. The city engineer may, by written permit, authorize a load or loads in excess of those allowed for in the Vehicle Code, if, in his judgement, the streets upon which the vehicle is to operated can safely withstand the additional weight, or if the applicant will guarantee to the city that all costs of repair to the streets or to the public property of the city damaged by the movement of the load or loads will be paid in full. The permit shall be granted upon such conditions and upon depositing such bond as the city engineer in his discretion may require. The city council may by resolution establish the fee for issuance of a permit hereunder. (Ord. 1061 § 1, 1987: prior code § 13.1(19)).

10.80.020 Flange wheel machinery.

No person shall operate over the city streets any vehicle, piece of equipment or machinery which has lugs, cleats, flanges, or other projections on the wheel or tracks. If the tread of the track has projections or corrugations, a filler block may be placed on each section so that a flat bearing surface will be in contact with the pavement at all times. (Prior code § 13.1(19.1)).