Chapter 16.04

16.04.010    Applicability.

16.04.015    Prohibition of certain uses without permit.

16.04.020    Hours.

16.04.030    Hazardous games prohibited.

16.04.035    Skate parks.

16.04.040    Nonmotorized vehicles—Restrictions.

16.04.050    Violations and penalties.

16.04.010 Applicability.

The park and recreation areas within the city shall be used and maintained for the benefit and entertainment of the public generally, subject, however, to the restrictions and limitations contained in this chapter and such other regulations (including requirements for permits and the fees therefor) as the council may adopt hereafter by resolution.

The regulations set forth in this chapter shall apply to and be in full force and effect at all park and recreation areas which are under the jurisdiction and control of the city. The regulations shall govern the use of all such park and recreation areas and the observance of these regulations shall be a condition under which the public may use the park and recreation area. (Ord. 1017 § 21, 1984: Ord. 842 § 1, 1973).

16.04.015 Prohibition of certain uses without permit.

The city council may by resolution adopt regulations and policies with respect to the use of any city park. Such regulations and policies may include the requirement of a permit for certain uses including, without limitation, uses by large groups or uses for organized events. It shall be unlawful for any person to use any park or conduct any activity in any park without a permit if such permit is required by any law or regulation or policy adopted by the city council. In addition to any penalty otherwise provided for violation of this section, any person so using any park without the necessary permit may be immediately ejected from such park by the city police. With the exception of Beckwourth Riverfront Park, no park designated in Section 16.03.020 shall be used for the primary purpose of the sale of merchandise, goods, or vehicles, without the specific approval of the city council. With the showing of good cause, the city manager or city council may waive any requirement of this chapter. (Ord. 1366 § 4, 2014: Ord. 972 § 1, 1982).

16.04.020 Hours.

Except as otherwise specifically provided in this municipal code, it is unlawful for any person to enter or remain in any park or recreation area at any time between the hours of eleven p.m., local time and six a.m., immediately following. The council may make an exception to this rule by a permit issued pursuant to a written application therefor. (Ord. 881 § 4, 1978: Ord. 842 § 2, 1973).

16.04.030 Hazardous games prohibited.

It is unlawful for any person to fly a model airplane (motor-driven), propel a rocket or missile of any type, participate in archery, horseshoe games or any similar game of hazardous nature in any park or recreation area except at such places designated for use by the city. (Ord. 842 § 3, 1973).

16.04.035 Skate parks.

It is unlawful for any person to:

(a)    Ride or otherwise operate any skateboard, scooter, skates, rollerblades or similar coasting device within any park, skate park, or "skate plaza" without the proper use of a helmet, elbow pads, and knee pads.

(b)    Bring any additional obstacles or other materials, such as ramps or jumps, into a park, skate park, or "skate plaza" for the use with any skateboard, scooter, skates, rollerblades, or similar coasting device. (Ord. 1335 § 1, 2010).

16.04.040 Nonmotorized vehicles—Restrictions.

It is unlawful for nonmotorized vehicles, such as bicycles, wagons or scooters, to be within park or recreation areas except on roads and parking areas designated for that purpose. A bicyclist shall be permitted to wheel or push a bicycle by hand on any grassy area or trail or path reserved for pedestrian use. Nonmotorized vehicles shall be operated at all times with reasonable regard for the safety of others. (Ord. 842 § 4, 1973).

16.04.050 Violations and penalties.

Any person violating any provision of this chapter is guilty of an infraction and shall be punished by a fine of two hundred fifty dollars. (Ord. 1171 § 1, 1993: Ord. 904 § 3, 1979: Ord. 842 § 5, 1973).