Chapter 3

Article 1    The Classification Plan Generally.

Article 2    Changes in the Classification Plan.


9900 Purpose.

This Chapter provides for a portion of the implementing rules and standards pertaining to the organization, maintenance, modification, and administration of the Executive service.

Specific Authority: Chap. 2.72 MMC; Resolution No. 2014-06

History: New 1/2014.

9901 Purpose of Classification Plan.

The Classification Plan provides a systematic arrangement and inventory of positions in the Executive service.

9902 Plan to be Liberally Construed.

In order that the Executive service meets its primary objective of supporting the mission of the City Manager, it is the intent of the City Council that the classification plan for the Executive service be administered in a manner which gives the City Manager the widest possible latitude, consistent with law and policy.

9903 Classification Plan, Elements of.

The classification plan comprises: 1) the list of positions in the Executive service; and 2) the classification specifications describing the general duties, responsibilities, performance measures, and personal and professional qualifications which incumbents in the respective positions should possess for each such position.

9904 Relationship to Compensation Plan.

By describing essential job functions, duties, responsibilities, desirable qualifications, and internal relationships, the classification plan forms the basis for establishing and maintaining a compensation plan which is internally equitable.

9905 Classification Specifications.

Class specifications are descriptive and explanatory and are not necessarily inclusive of all duties performed. They are intended to indicate the types of duties and levels of responsibilities assigned to each position or group of like positions. The use of a particular specification as to duties, qualifications or other factors shall not be held to exclude others of similar kind or quality.

9906 Official Copy of Classification Plan.

The City Manager shall prepare and at all times maintain the official classification plan which shall be available for inspection during normal business hours in the Office of the City Manager.

9907 Adoption of Plan.

Upon its preparation or revision by the City Manager, the classification plan shall be submitted to the Council for adoption.


9950 Amendments to.

As the needs of the Executive service require, the City Manager shall make such amendments to the official classification plan as, in his judgment, are necessary and convenient to the discharge of his duties and responsibilities.

(a)    The same principles as govern its general purposes and original preparation shall apply also to amendments to the classification plan.

9951 Changes in Incumbent Status.

No incumbent in any position in the Executive service affected by amendment under this Article shall have any continuing right to his position, neither in the form it existed before nor after its modification, except the City Manager appoint him to such position.

(a)    Any incumbent who occupies a position modified pursuant to this Article, and whom the City Manager does not appoint to the modified position, shall be deemed separated from the Executive service.

(b)    The City Manager may make such promotions, demotions, and reassignments, whether temporary or permanent, of any incumbent in the Executive service as, in his discretion, are necessary and convenient to the discharge of his duties and responsibilities and the needs of the service.