Chapter 2

Article 1    In General.

Article 2    Compensation Plan.

Article 3    Management Optional Benefits.

Article 4    Work Schedules and Overtime.

Article 1. IN GENERAL

9700 Purpose.

This Chapter provides for a portion of the implementing rules and standards pertaining to the organization, maintenance, modification, and administration of the Executive service.

Specific Authority: Chap. 2.72 MMC; Resolution No. 2014-06

History: New 1/2014.

9701 Purpose of Compensation Plan.

The Compensation Plan is the formal system for compensating Executive employees who serve at the pleasure of the City Manager.

9702 Relationship To Classification Plan.

Together with the Classification Plan, the Compensation Plan provides the structure within which Executive employees discharge their respective duties and are compensated for their service.

9703 Administration of the Compensation Plan Program.

The City Manager shall be responsible for the efficient and orderly administration of the Compensation Plan, and is authorized to promulgate such administrative procedures as may be necessary and convenient to the full discharge of that responsibility.

(a)    The City Manager shall prepare and at all times maintain a list of all positions assigned to the Senior Executive Service, which list shall be available for inspection during normal business hours in the Office of the City Manager.

9704 Modification of Compensation Plan.

When necessary or appropriate, the City Manager shall cause the Compensation Plan to be examined for the purposes of ensuring its continued external competitiveness. On the basis of conclusions reached through this examination, the City Manager shall propose such modifications to the Compensation Plan as, in his judgment, are warranted, and submit the changes for adoption by resolution of the Council.


9725 Compensation Plan.

The compensation plan is designed to attract highly capable, conscientious individuals to the Executive service of the city and, thereafter, to retain those individuals.

9726 Establishment of the Compensation Plan.

There is hereby established a compensation plan for all positions in the Executive service. The Plan shall comprise two categories: (1) Senior Executive Service; and (2) Professional, Technical, and Confidential Service.

9727 Salary Differentials.

No city employee subject to this Part shall be entitled to any differential or premium in his rate of compensation for longevity or any other purpose after the adoption of this Chapter.

(a)    Any unclassified employee whose salary at the time of the adoption of this Chapter includes a salary differential or premium of any sort shall have his salary adjusted to incorporate the differential or premium, and such differential or premium will thereafter cease.

9728 Optional Employment Contracts.

At his option, the City Manager may negotiate agreements with prospective and/or current incumbents in the Executive service, setting forth the wages, hours, and other terms and conditions of employment.

(a)    Agreements under this Section shall not otherwise be inconsistent with the provisions of this Part.

(b)    Agreements under this Section shall be executed on behalf of the city by the City Manager.

(c)    Periodically, but not less often than once each year, the City Manager shall report to the City Council the existence of such agreements, if any.


9750 Intent and Effective Date.

Specific Authority: Resolution 2017-56

History: Repealed 8/2017

9751 General Conditions and Eligibility.

Specific Authority: Resolution 2017-56

History: Repealed 8/2017

9752 Amount of Benefit Allotment.

Specific Authority: Resolution 2017-56

History: Repealed 8/2017

9753 Available Management Optional Benefits.

Specific Authority: Resolution 2017-56

History: Repealed 8/2017

9754 Election of Benefits Options.

Specific Authority: Resolution 2017-56

History: Repealed 8/2017

9755 Benefits Claims, Processing and Disbursements.

Specific Authority: Resolution 2017-56

History: Repealed 8/2017

9756 Executive Leave.

In addition to any other form of leave or excused absence, each employee in the Executive service as of January 1 may take up to Eighty (80) hours executive leave in any fiscal year, pro rated on a monthly basis.

(a)    Executive leave may not be carried over from one year to the next, but will be compensated upon separation from the Executive service at the rate of 6.7 hours per month served in the current fiscal year until the month of separation, less any hours already used during that year.

(b)    Approval for executive leave must be given in advance in the same manner as other planned absences.

(c)    At the employee’s option, unused executive leave remaining at the end of any fiscal year may be compensated by lump sum cash payment at the employee’s usual pay rate.


9780 No Fixed Schedules.

Employees in the Executive service do not have fixed work schedules, but shall be available at all reasonable times, considering the missions and operating hours of their respective departments, divisions, offices, sections, bureaus or work groups.

9781 Fair Labor Standards Act Applies.

Any employee whom the City Manager designates "Non-Exempt" pursuant to applicable provisions of the federal Fair Labor Standards Act shall be excluded from this Article, and shall be assigned a work schedule governed by Title 5, Part 1 this Code.

9782 Overtime.

Inasmuch as employees in the Executive service are salaried employees of the city and are expected to accomplish the city’s mission at all reasonable times, no employee in the Executive service shall be entitled to overtime compensation in any form, whether by cash payment or by compensatory time off or by any other means not otherwise authorized by this Part.