Chapter 9.18


9.18.010    Epidemics.

9.18.020    Bite reporting requirements.

9.18.030    Quarantine fee.

9.18.010 Epidemics.

The county department of health services may determine and declare that rabies or other contagious diseases are epidemic or that other health and safety hazards exist among dogs or other animals within the county. Upon the making of such a declaration, the county health officer shall prepare and promulgate such orders, rules, and regulations as are necessary for appropriate control of all the animals concerned within the county. The rules and regulations of the county health officer may include, but are not limited to, impoundment, quarantine, vaccination, or destruction. It shall be the duty of animal control officers to assist the county health officer in carrying out such rules and regulations. (Ord. 758 § 1 (part), 1987).

9.18.020 Bite reporting requirements.

It is the duty of every person having knowledge that any animal has bitten a human being to report that fact immediately to the county department of health services, animal control program or to the local law enforcement agency having jurisdiction. (Ord. 758 § 1 (part), 1987).

9.18.030 Quarantine fee.

A fee shall be charged for the costs incurred by county for the quarantine of animals including but not limited to investigation, inspection of property, confinement, examination and release of the animal from quarantine. The fee charged shall be paid by the owner or person who has custody of the animal. Such fee shall be in addition to the actual costs of the health officer or his designee in housing, feeding and otherwise caring for a quarantined animal. Such fee shall be set forth in Section 9.20.010. (Ord. 758 § 1 (part), 1987).