Title 12


12.04    Adoption of Codes

12.06    California Building Code Amendments

12.08    California Residential Code Amendments

12.10    California Electrical Code Amendments

12.12    California Mechanical Code Amendments

12.14    California Plumbing Code Amendments

12.16    California Energy Code Amendments

12.18    California Green Building Standards Code Amendments

12.22    Streamline Permitting Process for Small Residential Rooftop Solar Systems

12.24    Permit Process for Electric Vehicle Charging Stations

12.28    Numbering Buildings

12.32    Moving Buildings

12.36    Swimming Pools

12.40    Auto Courts and Motor Courts

12.42    Flood Damage Prevention

12.44    Water-Efficient Landscaping

12.46    Seismic Hazard Identification Program for Unreinforced Masonry Buildings

12.48    Recycling and Salvaging of Construction and Demolition Debris

12.52    Wood Burning Appliances


For statutory provisions relating to the "State Housing Law," defining the scope of such law and stating type of housing to which it applies, see Health and Safety Code § 17910 et seq. and § 17950. For provisions describing the nature and duties of the local appeals board under the Housing Law, see Health & Saf. Code § 17920.5. For statutory provisions adopting the Uniform Housing Code, the Uniform Building Code, the Uniform Plumbing Code, the Uniform Mechanical Code and the National Electrical Code as part of the State Housing Law, see Health & Saf. Code § 17922. For statutory provisions reserving fire zone regulations, building setback requirements, rear yard requirements and property line requirements to the local jurisdictions concerned, see the same section. For statutory provisions authorizing alternate materials and methods of construction, see Health and Saf. Code § 17923. For provisions authorizing local regulations which impose restrictions equal to or greater than those imposed by statute, see Health & Saf. Code § 17951. For statutory provisions concerning the authority to enter premises for inspection and prevention of violations of the building code and the limitations on such authority to enter, see Health & Saf. Code §§ 1797017972. For statutory provisions regarding mobilehomes and mobilehome parks generally, see Health & Saf. Code § 18000 et seq. For statutory provisions regarding auto courts and resorts generally, see Health & Saf. Code § 18500 et seq.