Chapter 2.48


2.48.010    Office established.

2.48.020    Department head – Compensation.

2.48.030    Duties and powers.

2.48.040    City Clerk relieved of duties.

2.48.010 Office established.

There is hereby established the office of Director of Finance. (Ord. CCO-97-04, 1997)

2.48.020 Department head – Compensation.

The Director of Finance shall be considered to be a department head, shall serve at the pleasure of the City Council, and shall be compensated as the City Council shall from time to time specify. (Ord. CCO-97-04, 1997)

2.48.030 Duties and powers.

The Director of Finance shall be the chief financial officer of the City. He or she shall report to the City Manager, shall be subject to the ultimate control of the City Council, and shall have the following duties and powers:

(A) In cooperation with the City Clerk, he or she shall keep and maintain, in accordance with generally accepted accounting principles, adequate and correct accounts of the properties, transactions, assets, liabilities, deposits, receipts, funds, and disbursements of the City, and report on, and make the same available, to any City officer upon request.

(B) Upon direction of the City Manager or City Council, he or she shall promptly pay the valid bills, warrants, and liabilities of the City. With the consent of the City Attorney and such approval as may be required of the City Council, he or she shall pay valid claims made against the City.

(C) In consultation with the City Manager and the other City department heads, he or she shall prepare the annual budget for the City and adjustments thereto, prepare such financial reports as may be requested by the City Manager or City Council, and make the same available to any City officer upon request.

(D) He or she shall receive and disburse the funds of the City as may be directed or authorized by the City Council, or otherwise by ordinance, statute, or regulation.

(E) Exercising the highest degree of investment prudence, and in good faith, he or she shall select the depositories for the various monies of the City, and shall deposit the City funds therein in the name of the City only.

(F) He or she shall undertake such other activities, and shall have such other powers, as may be assigned to him or her by the City Council or City Manager.

(G) The Director of Finance may delegate and cause to be accomplished by persons under his or her direct supervision and control any of the tasks set forth in this section.

(H) Nothing herein shall divest the City Treasurer of such duties and responsibilities as he or she may have pursuant to ordinance or statute. (Ord. CCO-97-04, 1997)

2.48.040 City Clerk relieved of duties.

The City Clerk shall be hereby relieved of the duties and authorities herein assigned to the Director of Finance, except as may by agreement between the City Clerk and Director of Finance, and subject to the ultimate control of the City Council, be retained by the City Clerk. (Ord. CCO-97-04, 1997)