Chapter 7.06


7.06.010    Alcoholic beverages prohibited on public property.

7.06.020    Exemptions authorized – When.

7.06.030    Repealed.

7.06.010 Alcoholic beverages prohibited on public property.

(A) Except as otherwise provided herein, it shall be unlawful for any person to consume alcohol or to have in his or her possession an open container of any alcoholic beverage on any public property within the City limits, including any highway, alley, street, sidewalk, Parker Plaza, public or private parking lot or plaza open to public use.

(B) This section shall not apply to any person:

(1) Lawfully utilizing City parks under the jurisdiction of the Mt. Shasta recreation and parks district, including Mt. Shasta City Park and Shastice Park;

(2) Participating in events within the City limits for which a permit has been issued pursuant to MSMC 7.20.130 so long as the person is in compliance with the terms of the permit;

(3) Participating in events approved by the City Council of the City of Mt. Shasta, by the City Manager, or for which an event permit has been issued by the Director of the Mt. Shasta Recreation and Parks District if the event permit allows possession and consumption of alcoholic beverages at the event. (Ord. CCO-15-03, 2015; Ord. 335 § 1, 1976)

7.06.020 Exemptions authorized – When.

The City Council of the City of Mt. Shasta may, by resolution, exempt certain portions of the public property and right-of-way within the City limits of the City of Mt. Shasta from the provisions of this chapter in order to accommodate special events. (Ord. 335 § 2, 1976)

7.06.030 Violation deemed infraction – Penalty.

Repealed by Ord. CCO-20-04. (Ord. 335 § 3, 1976)