Chapter 18.21


18.21.010    Purpose.

18.21.020    Definition.

18.21.030    General requirements.

18.21.040    Permit application.

18.21.050    Zones where permitted.

18.21.060    Off-street parking.

18.21.070    Number of units.

18.21.080    Signs.

18.21.010 Purpose.

It is the purpose of this chapter to establish regulations for location, use, character, parking, signing and processing of applications for bed and breakfast inns and facilities within the City. (Ord. CCO-94-04, 1994)

18.21.020 Definition.

“Bed and breakfast” or “B and B” inns and facilities means the rental of rooms or space within a new or existing structure for the purpose of providing overnight accommodations for paying guests, with not more than one breakfast to be provided daily, with the entire service offered to be included in one stated price. No breakfasts may be served to persons who are not also renters, except for those persons who are nonpaying personal guests of the occupying owner/manager of the B and B inn or facility. (Ord. CCO-94-04, 1994)

18.21.030 General requirements.

(A) In addition to any and all required permits and conditions pursuant thereto, and irrespective of whether a use permit is required in a particular instance, all bed and breakfast inns and facilities are subject to other provisions of this title.

(B) The establishment of bed and breakfast inns and facilities in any particular location shall be harmonious with the character of the neighborhood and zone in which they are to be located.

(C) The number of required off-street parking spaces is of concern in the establishment of bed and breakfast inns and facilities, and shall comply with MSMC 18.21.060. (Ord. CCO-11-05 § 71, 2011; Ord. CCO-94-04, 1994)

18.21.040 Permit application.

All applications for conditional use permits for bed and breakfast inns and facilities shall be accompanied by the following:

(A) A floor and site plan accurately depicting the items set forth in subsections (A)(1) through (6) of this section, as follows:

(1) All existing and proposed structures;

(2) All existing and proposed off-site improvements;

(3) Off-street parking and driveway access;

(4) Distances between all structures and between all property lines or easements and structures. Any nearby buildings relevant to application;

(5) Photographs and drawings of existing elevations, and drawings of any proposed changes thereto;

(6) Sign details and proposed location(s).

(B) Other information as set forth in subsections (B)(1) through (3) of this section:

(1) When applicable, a letter from the County or State Health Department detailing any and all requirements of that agency;

(2) A description of the facilities, including but not limited to the number and type of units, bathroom facilities, and type of meals to be provided;

(3) Any other information required by the Planning Department during processing of the application. (Ord. CCO-94-04, 1994)

18.21.050 Zones where permitted.

Bed and breakfast inns and facilities shall be allowed in the following zones by conditional use permit only: R-1, R-2, R-3, C-1 and C-2. The use is a permitted use in an R-4 zone. (Ord. CCO-94-04, 1994)

18.21.060 Off-street parking.

The number of parking spaces provided for bed and breakfast inns and facilities shall be as follows: one off-street parking space for each rental room in addition to existing required off-street parking for the occupying owner/manager. (Ord. CCO-94-04, 1994)

18.21.070 Number of units.

Bed and breakfast inns and facilities shall be limited to the number of rental rooms or units as follows:

(A) Bed and breakfast inns and facilities may be allowed when each and every regulation set forth in this chapter is met.

(B) All requirements governing occupancy (number of rooms and/or tenants), sanitation, fire safety, etc., shall conform to the regulations as set forth in the Uniform Building Code and/or Uniform Fire Code, and applicable County and State regulations.

(C) Not more than five rooms available for rent.

(D) Maximum of two consecutive weeks of occupancy. (Ord. CCO-94-04, 1994)

18.21.080 Signs.

Signage identifying bed and breakfast inns and facilities shall be permitted at any bed and breakfast inn and facility and shall comply with the following:

(A) Signs shall not exceed a total of six square feet in all single-family residential zones. Signs/signage shall be subject to review as a part of the conditional use permit process.

(B) Signs shall not be illuminated except by indirect lighting. (Ord. CCO-94-04, 1994)