Chapter 18.31


18.31.010    Purpose.

18.31.020    Required.

18.31.030    Single-family residences contents.

18.31.040    Multiple-family residential, commercial and employment center.

18.31.010 Purpose.

This chapter provides consistent standards for site plan and application requirements. By placing the minimum standards within the Land Development Code, the City Council intends that every site plan submitted must meet these minimum requirements. In some cases, the administrative application procedures may require more information than in this section. The City Planner, or his/her designee, has the discretion to determine the scope and depth of information needed to process any applications submitted pursuant to this code. Site plans are used by many agencies, as well as real estate professionals, appraisers, and lending institutions. (Ord. CCO-09-02, 2009)

18.31.020 Required.

No applications for building permits or other permits will be considered to be complete applications unless all of the information required by this chapter is legibly displayed on the site plan. (Ord. CCO-09-02, 2009)

18.31.030 Single-family residences contents.

Site plans for individual single-family residences must include:

(A) The location and length of property lines;

(B) The location of building setback lines or any building envelopes that were required by deed restriction or project conditions of approval;

(C) The location of any easements;

(D) A simple vicinity map that shows where the property is located in relation to the nearest major street intersection or landmark;

(E) The site plan must also comply with the requirements of the Uniform Building Code. (Ord. CCO-09-02, 2009)

18.31.040 Multiple-family residential, commercial and employment center.

Site plans for multiple-family residential building permit applications must include:

(A) All the items in MSMC 18.31.030.

(B) The size, dimensions, and location of all off-street parking.

(C) The location and area dedicated to site landscaping.

(D) Location and flow of surface drainage from paved areas.

(E) A cross-section of the encroachment and access road paving plan.

(F) Any other items found by the Planning Department to be necessary to expedite the review process.

(G) The site plan must also comply with the requirements of the Uniform Building Code. (Ord. CCO-09-02, 2009)