Chapter 18.40


18.40.010    Purpose.

18.40.020    Home-based business.

18.40.030    Conditional uses.

18.40.010 Purpose.

The standards in this chapter are intended to provide standards to accommodate the growing number of businesses based within the entrepreneur’s primary residence. Businesses located in a residence reflect the trend to new methods of competing in the marketplace. A business based in a residence must be subservient in its use of the land so as not to be intrusive into the character of the neighborhood. Property owners within residential zones have expectations about what is an agreeable neighboring use. This chapter establishes standards for business based in residences. Any home occupation permit is applicable only to the grantee and does not run with the property, or subsequent owners nor occupants.

(A) The City of Mt. Shasta recognizes the need for its citizens to pursue limited business enterprises based within their place of residence. The City believes that the need to protect the residential integrity of its neighborhoods is of paramount concern.

(B) Businesses in the home within a residential area are intended to ensure that, from all outward appearance, no neighbors or passersby will be aware of the activity. (Ord. CCO-11-05 § 80, 2011; Ord. CCO-09-02, 2009; Ord. CCO-92-08, 1992)

18.40.020 Home-based business.

A home-based business may be permitted by the City in all resource and residential zones:

(A) Location of Business. A home-based business shall be located within the residence, garage or workshop.

(B) Traffic Generation. No home-based business shall be permitted when it may be reasonably determined that the success of the business is based on clients or customers coming to the residence in order to conduct business. It is understood that virtually all businesses require occasional customer visits to the place of business; however, in the case of home-based businesses, this should clearly be the exception rather than the rule.

(C) Potential Nuisance. Home-based businesses shall be operated in a manner so that the business use is not the cause of repeated and legitimate complaints about noise, dust, odor, traffic, truck traffic, or appearance.

(D) Change in Appearance. No alteration, addition, or new construction shall be permitted which would cause the property to assume any aspect of housing a business.

(E) Sign. No signs visible from off site (property) shall be permitted.

(F) Employees. No more than the equivalent of one employee in addition to members of the immediate family residing in the home may be employed as part of the business conducted in the residence. This section is not intended to limit the number of employees of the business who may work elsewhere.

(G) Offices for Contractors, Truck Operators, Heavy Equipment Operators, Appliance Repair Business. A proprietor of one of the previously listed or similar businesses is permitted to use the provisions of this section; provided, that the following standards are satisfied on an ongoing basis:

(1) Storage of Materials. Materials used on a job may be stored within a garage or accessory building at the place of residence.

(2) Contractor Vehicles. Light commercial and utility vehicles used by the proprietor for travel from home to the job site may be kept at the residence on a regular basis.

(3) Heavy Equipment, Commercial Trailers, Rigs, Back Hoes. Commercial and heavy equipment shall not be stored, parked or repaired at the residence. (Ord. CCO-09-02, 2009)

18.40.030 Conditional uses.

The Planning Commission may permit home occupations that have characteristics different than specified in MSMC 18.40.020 through approval of a conditional use permit. (Ord. CCO-09-02, 2009)