Title 5


5.04    General Provisions

5.08    License Fee Categories

5.11    Special Regulations

5.12    Vehicles for Hire

5.14    Ambulance Regulations

5.15    Regulation of Newport Beach Police Official Tow Services

5.17    Taxicabs

5.20    Pawnbrokers, Secondhand Dealers and Junk Dealers

5.25    Operator License for Establishments Offering Alcoholic Beverages for On-Site Consumption in Combination with Late Hours, Entertainment, and/or Dance

5.28    Live Entertainment Establishments

5.32    Cafe Dances

5.36    Hotel Registration

5.42    Solicitation

5.43    State Video Franchises

5.44    Cable Communications Franchises

5.46    Regulation of Commercial Film Production

5.48    Telephonic Alarm System

5.49    Burglary—Robbery Alarm Systems

5.50    Massage Establishments

5.60    Paramedic Service User Fees

5.70    Newspaper Racks and Stands

5.80    Retail Sale of Firearms

5.90    Escort Service

5.95    Short Term Lodging Permit

5.96    Adult Oriented Business

5.97    Sidewalk Vending Program

*    Enforcement of regulations by Finance Director—See Chapter 2.12.

    Soliciting business in prohibited manner—See Chapter 5.42.

    Sale of electrical appliances which interfere with radio reception—Chapter 10.40.

    Registration of rented or sold bicycles—See Chapter 12.56.