Chapter 12.16


12.16.010    Enforcement by Police and Fire Departments.

12.16.020    Violation a Misdemeanor or Infraction.

12.16.030    Compliance Required.

12.16.040    Unauthorized Traffic Directing Prohibited.

12.16.050    Obedience by Public Employees.

12.16.060    Exceptions.

12.16.070    Bicycles and Animals.

12.16.010 Enforcement by Police and Fire Departments.

A.    Authorized. It shall be the duty of the officers of the Police Department or such officers as are assigned by the Chief of Police to enforce all street traffic laws of this City and all of the State Vehicles laws applicable to street traffic in this City.

B.    Traffic Directions. Officers of the Police Department or such employees as are assigned by the Chief of Police are hereby authorized to direct all traffic by voice, hand or signal in conformance with traffic laws; provided that in the event of a fire or other emergency, or to expedite traffic or to safeguard pedestrians, officers of the Police Department and employees assigned by the Chief of Police may direct traffic as conditions may require, notwithstanding the provisions of the traffic laws.

C.    Fire Department Officers. Officers of the Fire Department, when at the scene of a fire, may direct or assist the police in directing traffic thereat or in the immediate vicinity. (Ord. 1683 § 1, 1976: 1949 Code § 3231)

12.16.020 Violation a Misdemeanor or Infraction.

It is unlawful for any person to violate or to fail to comply with any provision of this title. Any such violation shall be a misdemeanor, or, if a violation of any such provision has been classified as an infraction under any statute of the State of California, such violation shall constitute an infraction for purposes of this title. Parking penalty amounts, and any associated administrative late penalty fees, shall be established by City Council resolution. (Ord. 2016-14 § 2, 2016: Ord. 1318 § 1, 1969: 1949 Code § 3232)

12.16.030 Compliance Required.

No person shall wilfully fail or refuse to comply with any lawful order of a Police Officer, employee assigned by the Chief of Police or Fire Department official when directing traffic. (Ord. 1683 § 2, 1976: 1949 Code § 3233)

12.16.040 Unauthorized Traffic Directing Prohibited.

No person other than an officer of the Police Department, employee assigned by the Chief of Police, or person authorized by law, shall direct or attempt to direct traffic by voice, hand or other signal (except that persons may operate, when and as herein provided, any mechanical pushbutton signal erected by order of the City Traffic Engineer). (Ord. 1683 § 3, 1976: 1949 Code § 3234)

12.16.050 Obedience by Public Employees.

The provisions of this title shall apply to the driver of any vehicle owned by or used in the service of the United State Government, this State, or any County or City, and it shall be unlawful for any driver to violate any of the provisions of this title except as otherwise permitted herein or by State Statute. (1949 Code § 3235)

12.16.060 Exceptions.

A.    Emergency Vehicles. The provisions of this title regulating the operation, parking and standing of vehicles shall not apply to any vehicle of the Police or Fire Department, any public ambulance or any public utility vehicle or any private ambulance, which public utility vehicle or private ambulance has qualified as an authorized emergency vehicle, when any vehicle mentioned in this section is operated in the manner specified in California Vehicle Code Section 165 in response to an emergency call.

B.    Responsibility Not Relieved. The foregoing exemptions shall not, however, relieve the operator of any such vehicle from the obligation to exercise due care for the safety of others or the consequences of his willful disregard of the safety of others.

C.    City Vehicles at Work Site—Mail Vehicles. The provisions of this title regulating the parking or standing of vehicles shall not apply to any vehicle of a City department or public utility used in the construction, operation, removal or repair of utility or public utility property or facilities, or in the collection of refuse, when the vehicle is stopped, standing, or parked at the site of such work, or any vehicle owned by the United States while in use for the collection, transportation or delivery of the United States mail. (Ord. 2023-22 § 535, 2023; Ord. 1069 (part), 1963: 1949 Code § 3236)

12.16.070 Bicycles and Animals.

Every person riding a bicycle or riding or driving an animal upon a highway shall be granted all of the rights and shall be subject to all of the duties applicable to the driver of a vehicle by this title except those provisions which by their very nature can have no application. (1949 Code § 3236.1 added by Ord. 1069, 1963)