Chapter 15.60


15.60.010    Construction Site Fencing Purpose.

15.60.020    Construction Site Fencing Required.

15.60.030    Temporary Project Information Sign.

*    Prior ordinance history: Ord. 2002-20, 2000-6, 1859, 1795.

15.60.010 Construction Site Fencing Purpose.

The purpose of requiring construction sites to be fenced is to protect adjacent properties from construction activities and debris and to safeguard public safety by restricting public access to the construction site and to preserve the esthetics of the neighborhood and minimize construction nuisance by screening the clutter of construction, thereby ensuring the comfort, safety and welfare of the residents of the City of Newport Beach. (Ord. 2005-5 § 5 (part), 2005)

15.60.020 Construction Site Fencing Required.

Prior to starting grading, excavation, construction of a new structure or addition and remodel to an existing structure with a combined floor area exceeding seventy-five (75) percent of the floor area of the proposed structure, the Building Official shall require the site to be temporarily fenced and screened on all sides for the duration of the construction project. The height of fence shall be between seventy-two (72) and eighty-four (84) inches, and fence material shall be chain link metal fence overlaid on the exterior with an opaque vinyl screen, or other equivalent fencing and screening material as approved by the Building Official.

EXCEPTION: Where fencing on one or more side(s) is not feasible due to physical constraints or determined to be unnecessary by the Building Official due to the presence of equivalent barrier(s). (Ord. 2013-11 § 117, 2013: Ord. 2005-5 § 5 (part), 2005)

15.60.030 Temporary Project Information Sign.

When a property in a designated high-density area, as defined in Section 15.16.010, is required to be fenced in accordance with Section 15.60.020, a temporary project information sign shall be affixed to the fence that can be readily viewed by the public. The temporary project information sign shall be subject to prior approval by the Community Development Director. The temporary project information sign shall be two feet in height by three feet in length with the following information printed legibly in seventy-two (72) point font:

A.    Permit number;

B.    Site address;

C.    General contractor’s name;

D.    General contractor’s license number;

E.    Contact name;

F.    Contact phone number; and

G.    Contact email address.

The temporary project information sign shall be labeled with the words “PROJECT INFORMATION” at the center top and contain the most current contact information for the City’s Code Enforcement, Parking Enforcement, and Building Inspection divisions located at the bottom and such other information as the Community Development Director may specify and require.

The temporary project information sign shall be in substantial conformance to the following; however, the Community Development Director may require inclusion of additional information:




PHONE #:_______________________________________


LICENSE #:_____________________________________

PERMIT No.:____________________________________

EMAIL: _________________________________________


(Ord. 2023-22 § 745, 2023; Ord. 2019-9 § 6, 2019)