Title 21


Part 1. Implementation Plan Applicability

21.10    Purpose and Applicability of the Implementation Plan

21.12    Interpretation of Implementation Plan Provisions

21.14    Coastal Maps

Part 2. Coastal Zoning Districts, Allowable Land Uses, and Coastal Zoning District Standards

21.16    Development and Land Use Approval Requirements

21.18    Residential Coastal Zoning Districts (R-A, R-1, R-BI, R-2, and RM)

21.20    Commercial Coastal Zoning Districts (CC, CG, CM, CN, CV, CV-LV, OG)

21.22    Mixed-Use Coastal Zoning Districts (MU-V, MU-MM, MU-CV/15th St., MU-W1, MU-W2)

21.26    Special Purpose Coastal Zoning Districts (OS, PC, PF, PI, PR, and TS)

21.28    Overlay Coastal Zoning Districts (MHP, PM, B, C and H)

Part 3. Site Planning and Development Standards

21.30    Property Development Standards

21.30A    Public Access and Recreation

21.30B    Habitat Protection

21.30C    Harbor and Bay Regulations

21.34    Conversion or Demolition of Affordable Housing

21.35    Water Quality Control

21.38    Nonconforming Uses and Structures

21.40    Off-Street Parking

21.44    Transportation and Circulation

21.46    Transfer of Development Rights

Part 4. Standards for Specific Land Uses

21.48    Standards for Specific Land Uses

21.49    Wireless Telecommunications Facilities

Part 5. Planning Permit Procedures

21.50    Permit Application Filing and Processing

21.52    Coastal Development Review Procedures

21.54    Permit Implementation, Time Limits, and Extensions

Part 6. Implementation Plan Administration

21.62    Public Hearings

21.64    Appeals and Calls for Review

21.68    Enforcement

Part 7. Definitions

21.70    Definitions

Part 8. Maps

21.80    Maps

Part 9. Specific Plans

21.90    Santa Ana Heights Specific Plan

Part 10. Appendices

Appendix A    Sea Level Rise

Appendix B    Coastal Access Signing Program

Appendix C    Oceanfront Encroachment Policy Guidelines