Chapter 6.08


6.08.010    Prohibition.

6.08.030    Violations and penalties.

6.08.010 Prohibition.

Due to the poisonous nature of the oleander plant, the oleander plant is hereby declared a public nuisance. For this reason, no person, corporation, or public agency shall plant, cultivate or maintain the oleander plant at any place in the city for any purpose whatsoever. Any oleander plant existing as of the date of this enactment shall be removed. (Ord. 773, 2000; Ord. 722, 1997, Ord. 304 Sec. 2 (part), 1974)

6.08.030 Violations and penalties.

(Repealed Ord. 634, 1991) (Ord. 527 Sec. 4 (part), 1984: Ord. 304 Sec. 2 (part), 1974)