1.1.002 Short Title; Reference to Code.

This Code may be cited as the "Oakley Municipal Code." It may be so cited in any prosecution for violation of this Code. An ordinance amending this Code may be designated as an amendment to the Oakley Municipal Code. Every reference to this Code or any portion of it shall refer to this Code as now or hereafter amended.

1.1.004 Contents of Code.

The Municipal Code of the City of Oakley shall consist of all ordinances adopted by the City Council which are of a general and permanent nature.

1.1.006 Maintenance of Code.

a.    At least three copies of the Municipal Code certified by the City Clerk shall be kept on file in the Office of the City Clerk for use and examination by the public. As an amendment, addition or other change to the Code is made, it shall be noted by ordinance number on the appropriate pages of each of the three copies of the Code. The City Clerk shall also keep a file of all amendatory ordinances indexed for reference.

b.    The Municipal Code may be reproduced in quantity and sold in such a manner as the City Council directs.