2.7.002 Date of Election.

a.    General Municipal Elections for the City of Oakley shall be consolidated with the Statewide General Election held on the first Tuesday after the first Monday in November.

b.    The Board of Supervisors of the County of Contra Costa, State of California, is hereby requested to:

1)    Order consolidation of the City of Oakley’s General Municipal Election with the Statewide General Election.

2)    Direct the Contra Costa County elections officials to conduct all necessary services related to election and to charge the City of Oakley for the cost of conducting elections.

3)    Permit the County Elections Official to prepare the City’s election materials, and the City shall, if the Board of Supervisors agrees to provide such services, supply the County Elections Official with a list of its precincts, or consolidated precincts, as applicable, no later than 61 days before the election.

(Sec. 1, Ordinance No. 09-07, adopted May 14, 2007)

2.7.003 By-District Elections for City Council Members.

a.    Pursuant to California Government Code Section 34886, members of the City Council of the City of Oakley shall be elected by district in five single-member districts.

1)    Members of the City Council shall be elected in the electoral districts established by subsection (b) of this section and subsequently reapportioned as provided by State law. Elections shall take place "by district" as that term is defined in California Government Code Section 34871, meaning one Councilmember shall be elected from each district, by the voters of that district alone.

2)    A Councilmember elected or appointed to represent a district must reside in that district and be a registered voter in that district, and any candidate for City Council must reside in, and be a registered voter in, the district in which he or she seeks election at the time nomination papers are issued.

b.    All five Councilmembers shall be elected on a "by-district" basis from the Council districts shown and numbered on a map titled "City of Oakley District Map," as adopted separately by resolution, a copy of which shall be on file in the City Clerk’s office.

c.    Pursuant to Elections Code Section 21601, as it may be amended from time to time, the City Council shall adjust the boundaries of any or all of the districts following each decennial Federal census to ensure that the districts are in compliance with all applicable provisions of law.

d.    District elections enacted in accordance with this section shall commence in the November 2022 General Election. In the November 2022 General Election, Districts 2 and 4 shall first be open for election. In the November 2024 General Election, Districts 1, 3, and 5 shall first be open for election. All districts shall have four-year terms.

(Sec. 1, Ordinance No. 10-21, adopted December 14, 2021)

2.7.004 Candidates’ Use of City Logo/Seal Prohibited.

Candidates’ use of the City of Oakley’s current or previous logo or seal, use of any similar or like-kind reproduction of the City of Oakley’s current or previous logo or seal, or use of any substantive portion of the City of Oakley’s current or previous logo or seal thereof is prohibited.

(Sec. 1, Ordinance No. 17-20, adopted November 10, 2020)

2.7.006 Violations.

Violations of Section 2.7.004 may be punishable as set forth in Chapter 1.5 or by any other means of law.

(Sec. 1, Ordinance No. 17-20, adopted November 10, 2020)