4.10.002 To Police Department.

No person shall knowingly:

a.    Make or cause to be made any false or fictitious call or report to the Office of the Oakley Police Department, claiming that he or she was the victim of a criminal offense; or

b.    Cause the Police Department to respond to any false or fictitious call or report; or

c.    Request or cause to be requested any assistance or investigation in connection with or as a result of any false or fictitious call or report.

4.10.004 To City Employees.

Every person is guilty of a misdemeanor who, not being under oath, in the course of official business with any officer or employee of the City:

a.    Knowingly falsifies or conceals any fact;

b.    Knowingly makes any false statement or representation; or

c.    Makes or uses any writing or document, knowing it to contain any false statement or entry.