7.16.010 Authority – Purpose – Applicability.

a.    Authority. This chapter is adopted under the authority of Government Code Section 65850.7. The Building Official is authorized to implement this chapter and to create a checklist of requirements consistent with Section 65850.7.

b.    Purpose. The purpose of this chapter is to create an expedited and streamlined permitting process for electric vehicle charging systems.

c.    Applicability. This chapter applies to the permitting of electric vehicle charging stations.

(Sec. 1, Ordinance No. 20-19, adopted December 10, 2019)

7.16.020 Definitions.

In this chapter:

"Electric vehicle charging station" or "charging station" means any level of electric vehicle supply equipment station that is designated and built in compliance with the California Electric Code, Article 625, as it reads on October 8, 2015, and delivers electricity from a source outside an electric vehicle into a plug-in electric vehicle.

"Electric vehicle charging station checklist" means the checklist prepared by the Chief Building Official to implement this chapter. (See Sections 7.16.010(a) and 7.16.030(a).)

"Electronic submittal" means the use of email, the internet, or facsimile.

(Sec. 1, Ordinance No. 20-19, adopted December 10, 2019)

7.16.030 Requirements for Expedited Permitting.

a.    Application. An applicant for an electric vehicle charging station must submit a building permit application on the form provided by the City, accompanied by each item of information listed in the City’s electric vehicle charging station checklist. Both the application form and the checklist are available online.

If an application is incomplete, the City will issue a written correction notice detailing each deficiency.

b.    Permit Issuance. An application that satisfies the application and checklist requirements will be considered complete, and the City will issue a building permit.

c.    Permit Denial. The City may deny the building permit if it makes written findings based upon substantial evidence in the record that the proposed installation will have a specific, adverse impact upon the public health or safety, and there is no feasible method to satisfactorily mitigate or avoid the impact (as the terms are defined in Government Code Section 65850.7(i)).

(Sec. 1, Ordinance No. 20-19, adopted December 10, 2019)