Chapter 15.24


15.24.010    Permit required – Resurfacing.

15.24.010 Permit required – Resurfacing.

(a) Permit Required. Before any person, firm or corporation may cut any pavement or sidewalk or make any excavation in any public street for the purpose of installing or repairing any sewer, water, gas, electric or other utility pipes, conduits, wires or other structure, he or she shall secure a written permit therefor from the proper city authority, in accordance with any regulations then in effect and pertaining thereto, and shall pay the required fees and deposits.

(b) Resurfacing. After any such cut is made in any pavement, sidewalk or street, the person or firm doing such work shall immediately upon completion of the work, refill, settle and resurface such cut, to the satisfaction of the city manager. If such work is not done satisfactorily the city may complete the same, and such person or firm will be liable to the city for all costs and expenses in completing such work. [Ord. 210 N.S. § 5-101, 1952].