Chapter 17.41


17.41.010    Intent – Description.

17.41.010 Intent – Description.

This zone is intended to foster convenience-type retail, neighborhood offices, and service activities that serve the daily needs of the immediate neighborhood. NC areas are located in village centers, near residential neighborhoods to serve the short-term needs of residents. Neighborhood commercial development is occasionally found on small corner parcels (a few acres) but more often in slightly larger configurations (five to 10 acres in size). This designation includes supermarkets, restaurants, apparel stores, small hardware stores, banks, offices, and similar uses. This zone also provides gathering places for the residents of surrounding neighborhoods and are ideal locations for local transit stops (including but not limited to bus stations and carsharing pods). This zone implements the Neighborhood Commercial General Plan land use designation. (Ord. 1603 § 4 (Exh. I), 2023)