Title 1


1.01    Code Adoption

1.04    General Provisions

1.08    Notices and Appeals

1.12    Penalty Provisions and Other Remedies for Violation

1.16    Enforcement

1.20    Public Nuisances

1.24    Nuisance – Lien Abatement Procedure

1.26    Maintenance of Foreclosed Property

1.28    City Seal and City Logo


For statutory provisions authorizing cities to adopt by reference a codification of its ordinances, see Government Code §§ 50022.1 through 5002.8 and 5002.10.

    For statutory provisions establishing the citation procedure for people accused of a misdemeanor, see Penal Code §§ 853.6 through 853.8.

    For statutory provisions authorizing cities to impose fines up to $500.00 or imprisonment up to six months, or both, see Government Code § 36901.