Chapter 2.85


2.85.010    Purchase of supplies, services, and equipment.

2.85.020    Public works projects and construction.

2.85.025    Emergency purchases.

2.85.030    Chief purchasing officer.

2.85.010 Purchase of supplies, services, and equipment.

The city council shall adopt by resolution a policy for the purchase of supplies, services, and equipment in accordance with state law. [Ord. 06-1260 § 2, 2006.]

2.85.020 Public works projects and construction.

Public work projects and construction shall be in accordance to the procedures promulgated by the Uniform Construction Cost Accounting Act elected by Chapter 2.86 PMC, pursuant to Sections 22019 and 22034 of the Public Contract Code, herein defined as “informal bidding procedures.” [Ord. 06-1260 § 2, 2006.]

2.85.025 Emergency purchases.

In the case of a sudden, unexpected occurrence that poses a clear and imminent danger requiring immediate action to prevent or mitigate the loss or impairment of life, health, property, or essential public services, the city manager is authorized to purchase repairs or replacement of any public facility, procure necessary equipment, services and supplies, without giving notice for bids to let contracts, as set forth in Cal. Pub. Cont. Code § 22050. A purchase made pursuant to this section shall not exceed $150,000. [Ord. 19-1466 § 2, 2019.]

2.85.030 Chief purchasing officer.

The city manager is appointed the chief purchasing officer of the city. The city manager may delegate his/her duties as chief purchasing officer to other city staff. The chief purchasing officer or his/her designated representative shall have the duties prescribed by resolution of the city council. The city manager or his/her designated representatives may sign contracts on behalf of the city when authorized by ordinance, resolution or other action of the city council.

The city manager is authorized to establish purchasing procedures as an administrative order in accordance with city council adopted policies. [Ord. 06-1260 § 2, 2006.]