Chapter 10.48


10.48.010    Driving through funeral processions.

10.48.020    Riding or driving on sidewalk.

10.48.030    Railway gates.

10.48.040    Trains not to block crossings.

10.48.050    Train speed.

10.48.010 Driving through funeral processions.

No driver of a vehicle shall drive between vehicles comprising a funeral procession while they are in motion and when the vehicles in such processions are conspicuously so designated. The directing of all vehicles and traffic on any street over which such funeral procession wishes to pass shall be subject to the orders of the police department. [1937 Code § 517.]

10.48.020 Riding or driving on sidewalk.

No person shall ride, drive, propel or cause to be propelled any vehicle or animal across or upon any sidewalk, excepting over permanently constructed driveways and excepting when it is necessary for any temporary purpose to drive a loaded vehicle across a sidewalk; provided further, that the sidewalk area shall be substantially protected by wooden planks two inches thick and written permission shall be previously obtained from the city traffic engineer. Such wooden planks shall not be permitted to remain upon such sidewalk area during the hours from 6:00 p.m. to 6:00 a.m. [1937 Code § 517.2.]

10.48.030 Railway gates.

No person shall drive any vehicle through, around or under any crossing gate or barrier at a railroad grade crossing while such gate or barrier is closed or is being opened or closed. [1937 Code § 524.]

10.48.040 Trains not to block crossings.

It is unlawful for any person to cause or permit any railway train or railway cars or similar vehicle on rails to operate or to be operated in such a manner as to prevent the use of any street for the purposes of travel for a period of time longer than 10 minutes, except that this provision shall not apply to railway trains, cars or similar vehicles on rails while blocking or obstructing a crossing because of an accident which requires the operator of the train, car or similar vehicle on rails to stop at or near the scene of the accident. [Amended during 2007 recodification; 1937 Code § 524.1.]

10.48.050 Train speed.

It is unlawful for any person, firm or corporation owning, operating or controlling any railroad train or part thereof in the city to cause, permit or allow the train or part thereof to pass over, along or upon any of the public streets or highways of the city or any other place within the city at a greater speed than 40 miles per hour. [Ord. 713 § 2, 1977.]