Chapter 10.52


10.52.010    Crosswalk – Establishment.

10.52.020    Crosswalk – Use requirements.

10.52.010 Crosswalk – Establishment.

A. The city traffic engineer is authorized to establish and maintain crosswalks and to designate them by appropriate devices or painted signs upon the surface of the roadway.

B. The city traffic engineer may place signs at or adjacent to an intersection in respect to any crosswalk directing that pedestrians shall not cross in the crosswalk so indicated. [1937 Code § 518.]

10.52.020 Crosswalk – Use requirements.

A. No pedestrian shall cross a roadway other than by a crosswalk in any business district.

B. No pedestrian shall cross a roadway, in any other district, in any block in which there is a marked crosswalk, except in such crosswalk. [1937 Code § 518.1.]