Title 8


8.04    Smoking and Electronic Cigarettes Prohibited on Public Grounds, and in Public Buildings, Parks and Trails

8.05    Regulation of the Sale of Tobacco Products

8.06    Misuse of Business Premises

8.08    Noise Abatement and Control

8.09    Responsible Beverage Service

8.10    Possession of Open Containers of Alcoholic Beverages

8.11    Alcoholic Beverage Warning Signs

8.12    Repealed

8.14    Wholesale Food Warehouses

8.16    Disease Control

8.20    Sanitation Regulations for Businesses – Permits and Fees

8.21    Food Regulations

8.24    Camps and Picnic Grounds

8.28    Refrigeration Plants

8.32    Reduction Plants

8.36    Enforcement of State Housing Law

8.40    Apartments and Hotels

8.44    Trailers and Trailer Parks

8.48    Water Waste and Pollution

8.52    Swimming Pools

8.56    Wells

8.60    Septic Tanks and Seepage Pits

8.64    Septic Tanks and Cesspool Cleaners

8.68    Solid Waste Management

8.72    Nuisance Abatement Procedure

8.76    Defensible Space, Vegetation Management and Waste Accumulations

8.80    Accumulation of Junk

8.84    Repealed

8.88    Hazardous Materials and Hazardous Waste Establishments

8.89    Medical Waste

8.90    Rental of Housing Used for Drug Activity

8.92    Rental of Substandard Housing

8.94    Water Conservation Plan

8.96    Water Conservation Enforcement Measures

8.98    Drone Operations During Periods of Emergency Response