Title 15


15.02    Uniform Administrative Code

15.03    Hierarchy of Codes

15.04    Building Code

15.05    Repealed

15.06    Requirements for Right-of-Way Dedication and Improvements

15.07    Reimbursement Procedures for Certain Previously Constructed Roadways and Facilities

15.08    Electrical Code

15.10    Residential Code

15.12    Plumbing Code

15.16    Mechanical Code

15.18    Energy Code

15.19    Historical Building Code

15.20    Moving and Storage of Buildings

15.21    Existing Building Code

15.22    Green Building Code

15.23    Referenced Standards Code

15.24    Fire Code

15.26    Expedited Processing for Small Residential Rooftop Solar Photovoltaic Energy Systems

15.28    Mobile Home Inspection Code

15.30    Contractors and Bidders

15.32    Abatement of Dangerous Buildings


Code reviser’s note: Section 12 of Ordinance 728 provides: “When the requirements of the Poway Municipal Code conflict with the requirements of any other part of the California Building Standards Code, Title 24, the most restrictive requirements shall prevail.”