Chapter 17.36


17.36.010    Purpose.

17.36.020    Conditions.

17.36.010 Purpose.

In order to minimize adverse effects that arcades and electronic games may have on the neighborhood or area in which it is located the following regulations are established. (Ord. 113 §§ 1 (Exh. A 6.6), 4, 1983; Ord. 99 § 1, 1983)

17.36.020 Conditions.

Arcades may be permitted only in the CG, commercial general zone subject to a minor conditional use permit and to the conditions listed in this section:

A. No arcade shall be permitted within 500 feet of the nearest point on a lot upon which is located a religious and/or educational institution, a public park or recreation facility.

B. Adult supervision, 18 years or older, shall be provided on the premises during all hours of operation and shall be stationed so as to have direct visibility over all machines.

C. There shall be no more than one arcade per shopping center and no arcades shall be closer than 200 feet to another arcade.

D. All arcades shall not open before 9:00 a.m. and shall close by 2:00 a.m.

E. A minimum of one bicycle parking stall per video game machine shall be provided within 25 feet of the arcade in a safe, convenient location with bicycle racks to accommodate said bikes.

F. A minimum of two toilets and one washbasin shall be provided for each gender.

G. No electronic video or electrical coin-operated game in a commercial business establishment shall be operated within the City by a person 17 years old or younger during normal public school hours, or after curfew.

H. All alcoholic beverage sale and/or consumption on-site is prohibited.

I. All gambling on-site is prohibited.

J. All conditions herein must be guaranteed to be met in addition to obtaining a license to operate. The operation of four or less machines shall be permitted in all C zones provided their operation is ancillary to the use of the building and said use does not materially alter the principal use of such a building. The operation of four or less machines where they are the principal use may be approved by the Development Services Director where, in his judgment, the location does not constitute a traffic or safety hazard to the public or abrogate the intent of the zone or the regulations contained in this chapter. (Ord. 518, 1999; Ord. 252 § 1, 1988; Ord. 113 §§ 1 (Exh. A 6.6), 4, 4(a), 1983; Ord. 99 § 1, 1983)