Chapter 17.37


17.37.010    Purpose.

17.37.020    Conditions.

17.37.010 Purpose.

In order to minimize the adverse visual and aesthetic effects that the erection of a satellite dish antenna may have on the neighborhood or area in which it is located, the following regulations are established. (Ord. 162 § 1, 1985)

17.37.020 Conditions.

Satellite dish antennas may be installed, erected and maintained within all residential, commercial, and manufacturing zones of the City only in accordance with the following provisions:

A. “Satellite dish antenna” or “dish antenna,” as used in this chapter, means any system of wires, cables, amplifiers, reflecting discs, or similar devices used for the transmission or reception of electromagnetic waves, which system is external to or attached to the exterior of any building.

B. The height of a dish antenna shall be measured from the highest point of the finished grade adjacent to the structure if ground-mounted or from the point of mounting if roof-mounted.

C. All dish antennas shall be treated as accessory structures and shall meet the height and setback requirements of the respective residential, commercial and manufacturing zone.

D. Installation of ground-mounted dish antennas over six feet in height will require a building permit for the foundation. An electrical permit shall be required for any power driven dishes, regardless of size, that operate on 25 volts of power or more.

E. All dish antennas six feet or greater in diameter and/or height shall require a minor development review permit. Dish antennas less than six feet in diameter and/or height do not require a minor development review permit.

F. All satellite dish antennas 24 inches or larger in diameter which are located in residential zones shall be ground-mounted.

G. Dish antennas which do not exceed 24 inches in diameter may be mounted on the roof of the facia of a residential building and shall comply with the following standards:

1. The satellite dish antenna shall not exceed the height of the ridge of the roof unless visually screened from the street or road by an architectural feature of the residence, such as a chimney.

2. The satellite dish antenna shall be a neutral color, as black or dark gray, or a color that blends with the roof or facia.

H. All satellite dish antennas in residential zones, regardless of height and diameter, shall be screened from the view of adjacent or across the street properties by the use of an architectural feature, fencing and/or landscaping.

I. In commercial and manufacturing zones, dish antennas may be roof- or ground-mounted. In either case, all dish antennas located within those zones, regardless of their height and diameter, shall be screened from on-site parking areas, adjacent public streets, and adjacent residentially zoned property. Roof-mounted dish antennas shall be screened architecturally, while ground-mounted dish antennas shall be screened architecturally or with landscaping. (Ord. 445 § 2, 1995; Ord. 162 § 1, 1985)