Chapter 13.36


13.36.010    Authority.

13.36.020    Comprehensive plan.

13.36.030    Priority list.

13.36.040    Cost recovery.

13.36.050    Petition—Fee.

13.36.060    Specifications and cost estimates—Preparation.

13.36.070    Contract for work.

13.36.080    Contribution by city to cost of work.

13.36.090    Security deposit—Required.

13.36.100    Security deposit—Refunds.

13.36.110    Security deposit—Additional deposits.

13.36.120    Location.

13.36.130    Reimbursement agreements.

13.36.140    Responsibility of subsequent owners.

13.36.150    Reimbursement of previous owners.

13.36.160    Subdivisions—Responsibility of city.

13.36.010 Authority.

When, in the opinion of the city council, the sewer connection fund as described in Section 13.32.170 of this title, and the sewer rental fund as established by Section 13.24.070 of this title shall contain sufficient funds, the city council may authorize the construction of new sewer lines by the city. (Prior code § 13.64.010)

13.36.020 Comprehensive plan.

The superintendent shall cause to be prepared and submitted to the city council a comprehensive plan for future sewer line extensions within the city. Such plan shall be accompanied by the written recommendations of the superintendent as to the respective prior to each such extension. (Ord. 1069 § 64, 1999: prior code § 13.64.020)

13.36.030 Priority list.

The city council may adopt or amend from time to time, a sewer priority list for extension of sewer lines. A public hearing shall be held prior to such adoption or amendment. The public hearing shall be duly noticed by publication in a newspaper of general circulation in the county at least one time and not less than ten days prior to such public hearing. (Ord. 1069 § 65, 1999: prior code § 13.64.030)

13.36.040 Cost recovery.

A.    The city council shall recover from each person connecting to a sewer line constructed pursuant to the provisions of this title in addition to any connection fee a share of the costs of construction and administrative expenses as determined pursuant to subsections B and C of this section. For purposes of this chapter “costs of construction” includes the actual costs to construct the sewer line extension, including engineering expenses. In addition to any share of costs of construction a user shall pay an additional one percent fee for reimbursement of administrative expense, together with six percent interest on the total of said charge for the period commencing one year after completion of the sewer extension to the date of payment.

B.    Unless charged pursuant to subsection C of this section, the user shall pay a sum based upon one-half of the costs of construction of such sewer line which fronts the parcel of such user.

C.    If the city council resolves to charge according to a different method of allocating benefit, then the user shall pay a sum based upon the costs of construction as allocated according to the proportion of benefit adopted by resolution of the council.

D.    A resolution adopted pursuant to the provisions of subsection C of this section shall be adopted by the following procedure: Notice of the public hearing shall be mailed by first class mail to the property owners of the parcels proposed to be benefited, as shown by the last equalized assessment roll. The proposed plan of determining benefit will be considered at the hearing and the amount thereafter determined by the benefit or formula adopted by resolution shall be paid by the owner prior to the connecting to the sewer line.

E.    Should any additional connections be made to a sewer extension made pursuant to this chapter that were not included in the formulas of subsection B or C of this section within ten years after the completion of the sewer extension the user shall pay a sum based upon the formula of subsection B of this section. (Prior code § 13.64.040)

13.36.050 Petition—Fee.

One or more property owners desiring extension of the city sewer system where no sewer line exists adjacent to the parcel to be served shall petition the city for the extension and deposit with the city a fee as set by resolution of the city council to cover the cost of preparation of specifications and cost estimates for the sewer extension, which fee shall be refunded when the construction is completed. Should construction not begin within one year of the petition, the fee shall be forfeited to the city. (Ord. 1069 § 66, 1999: prior code § 13.64.050)

13.36.060 Specifications and cost estimates—Preparation.

If in the opinion of the superintendent a requested sewer extension petitioned for under Section 13.36.050 is desirable and the construction thereof feasible, the superintendent shall prepare specifications and cost estimates. (Ord. 1069 § 67, 1999: prior code § 13.64.060)

13.36.070 Contract for work.

When the specifications and cost estimates for a sewer extension under this title have been prepared by the superintendent, the property owner may contract with a private contractor for the construction of such sewer extension or may request the city council to call for bids and such work may be done by the city if the city council so determines. All sewer construction performed by the city shall be subject to a charge consisting of the actual cost less any contributions as provided in Section 13.36.080 of this chapter. (Ord. 1069 § 68, 1999: prior code § 13.64.070)

13.36.080 Contribution by city to cost of work.

The city may contribute toward the actual cost of construction of a sewer extension under this article a sum not to exceed the amount set by resolution of the city council. (Ord. 1069 § 69, 1999: prior code § 13.64.080)

13.36.090 Security deposit—Required.

Prior to the commencement of construction of a sewer extension under this chapter, the property owner shall deposit with the city cash in amount equal to the superintendent estimated cost of construction, or in lieu thereof, shall give security for the completion of such work satisfactory to the city council or a good and sufficient bond guaranteeing the completion of such work. (Ord. 1069 § 70, 1999: prior code § 13.64.090)

13.36.100 Security deposit—Refunds.

In the event the property owner desiring a sewer extension shall have deposited with the city, under Section 13.36.090 of this chapter, a sum exceeding the actual cost of construction of a sewer extension under this chapter less authorized contributions of the city, the city shall refund to such property owner the remaining deposit. (Prior code § 13.64.100)

13.36.110 Security deposit—Additional deposits.

In the event the city does the sewer extension work under this article and the sum deposited under Section 13.36.090 of this chapter shall be insufficient to complete such construction, the property owner shall, upon demand, pay to the city any such additional sum less authorized contributions by the city. (Prior code § 13.64.110)

13.36.120 Location.

All sewer extensions constructed pursuant to this chapter shall be laid to the line of the parcel so served furthest from the point at which the extension commenced so that any subsequent extension thereto shall be made at the nearest possible point to the unsewered property. (Prior code § 13.64.120)

13.36.130 Reimbursement agreements.

A.    On existing streets, the city may, but shall not be required to, enter into an agreement for replacement of not more than one half of the per lineal foot construction cost of the property owner in the extension of the sewer main constructed by such property owner fronting the parcel being connected by such property owner and for not more than such property owner’s expense of construction for the remaining sewer extension to such parcel.

B.    No interest payments or other charges shall enter into any negotiations authorized in this section. (Prior code § 13.64.130)

13.36.140 Responsibility of subsequent owners.

Pursuant to any agreement described in Section 13.36.130 of this chapter, where the construction of a sewer extension shall have been paid for by a property owner, a charge of one-half of the property owner’s expense of construction per front foot shall be made against any subsequent property owner connecting to such line. (Prior code § 13.64.140)

13.36.150 Reimbursement of previous owners.

The one-half cost of construction per front foot required by Section 13.36.140 of this chapter shall be reimbursed on demand to the property owner who constructed the sewer extension, but, in no case shall the payment be made to such owner after a period of ten years from the acceptance date of the sewer line by the city. (Prior code § 13.64.150)

13.36.160 Subdivisions—Responsibility of city.

In the case of subdivisions or subparcels where new streets and sewers are involved, the city shall only be responsible for the approval of plans and specifications and the inspection and acceptance of construction of sewer extensions under this chapter. (Prior code § 13.64.160)