Chapter 16.85


16.85.010    Purpose.

16.85.020    Grading improvements.

16.85.010 Purpose.

The purpose of this chapter is:

A.    To establish standards regulating the design and construction of building sites and the development of property by grading.

B.    To minimize differential settlement and the slipping or sliding of earth.

C.    To protect adjacent properties from damage caused by blockage or diversion of natural runoff waters.

D.    To require engineering analysis of expansive soil conditions, erosion control and drainage.

E.    To establish criteria for the design of footings and floor slabs for structures proposed to be erected on parcels of land whose natural topography has been altered. (Ord. 22-12 § 3 (Exh. A))

16.85.020 Grading improvements.

A.    General. The land division shall be graded so that adequate drainage will be provided for each lot. All grading operations shall be in accordance with the city standards and a grading plan will be submitted to the city engineer for approval. All lots with less than two and one-half gross acres shall be graded at a one percent (1%) or greater slope to drain directly to public right-of-way unless authorized otherwise by the planning commission upon approval of the tentative map.

B.    Soil Report.

1.    The land divider shall file with the city engineer a soil report for the grading operation of the land division. The soil report shall be prepared by a registered civil engineer based upon adequate test borings or excavations. If the preliminary soil report indicates the presence of critically expansive soils or other soil problems, the soil report shall recommend corrective action to be taken, which will likely prevent structural damage to each building proposed to be constructed, for each lot containing such soil problems.

2.    The soil report shall be approved by the city engineer and the recommendations contained in the approved soil report shall be incorporated in the grading operation and/or incorporated in the construction of each building as a condition of the building permit for each lot containing such soil problems.

3.    The soil report may be waived by the city engineer if he or she determines that, due to the knowledge of the soil conditions in the area of the land division, no preliminary soil analysis is necessary.

C.    Excessive Grading. No land division shall be approved where the lot grading will result in a difference in grade, from that of the adjoining property, at the tract boundary, in excess of five feet unless otherwise approved by the city council.

D.    Certificate for No Fills. In cases where there is no lot grading required because adequate drainage for the lot exists and there are no soil problems requiring correction, the land divider shall furnish to the city engineer two prints of the final map signed by the land divider’s engineer, and certifying that no fills, in conflict with city standards, have been made on the lots. (Ord. 22-12 § 3 (Exh. A))