Chapter 2.16


2.16.010    Mayor and vice-mayor elected annually from council—Date of election.

2.16.020    Place—Open to public—Notice of change of place.

2.16.030    Time—Order of adjournment.

2.16.040    Special meetings.

2.16.050    Duties of mayor.

2.16.060    Powers and duties of mayor pro tempore in absence of mayor.

2.16.070    Appointment of committees—Referral of matters to committees.

2.16.080    Order of business.

2.16.010 Mayor and vice-mayor elected annually from council—Date of election.

The mayor and vice-mayor (mayor pro tempore) shall be elected from among the members of the council by a majority of all members of the council in December of each year in a manner generally consistent with Government Code Section 36801, and shall serve at the pleasure of the council. For the first such selection following the effective date of the ordinance codified in this section, a new mayor and vice-mayor shall be selected immediately upon the effective date of the ordinance codified in this section, and shall serve until the next rotation the following December. (Ord. 2010-006 § 1, 2010: Ord. 03-002 § 1, 2003: prior code § 2.1)

2.16.020 Place—Open to public—Notice of change of place.

A.    Meetings of the city council shall be public and held within the city, except as otherwise authorized by state law.

B.    The place of city council meetings shall be the San Pablo City Hall located at 1000 Gateway Avenue, San Pablo, unless changed following required public notice. (Ord. 2020-004 § 5, 2020; Ord. 03-002 § 2, 2003: Ord. 86-011 § 1, 1986; prior code § 2.19)

2.16.030 Time—Order of adjournment.

A.    The city council shall have regular meetings the first and third Mondays of each month, at the hour of six p.m., or earlier if necessary for the conduct of closed sessions, and may adjourn from time to time as in their judgment they may deem proper; provided, that whenever any such day of meeting falls on a legal holiday, the regular meeting shall not be held on that day, but shall be held at six p.m. on the next business day.

B.    Any order of adjournment of regular meetings shall state the day and hour at which any such adjournment meeting is to be held, and if the order of adjournment fails to state the hour at which any adjourned meeting is to be held, the adjourned meeting may nevertheless be held at six p.m. on that date. (Ord. 2011-003 § 1, 2011: Ord. 03-002 § 3, 2003: prior code § 2.20)

2.16.040 Special meetings.

Special meetings of the council may be called at any time by the mayor, or by three members of the city council, in accordance with the provisions of the laws of the state. (Prior code § 2.21)

2.16.050 Duties of mayor.

The duties of the mayor at meetings of the council are as follows:

A.    The mayor shall preside at all meetings of the council. He shall take the chair at the hour appointed for the meeting and shall at once call the meeting to order.

B.    The mayor shall preserve order and decorum, and may speak to points of order in preference to other members. He shall decide questions of order, subject to an appeal to the council by any other member of the council. No member of the council shall speak more than once on such an appeal, except by permission of the council.

C.    The mayor shall have general direction of the council chamber during meetings. In case of any disturbance or disorderly conduct in the chamber, the mayor shall have the power to order the chamber cleared, and to order the eviction of any person therefrom. (Prior code § 2.22)

2.16.060 Powers and duties of mayor pro tempore in absence of mayor.

In the absence of the mayor, the mayor pro tempore shall serve until such time as the mayor returns and is able to sit, and who, for such period of time, shall have all the powers and duties of the mayor. (Prior code § 2.23)

2.16.070 Appointment of committees—Referral of matters to committees.

It shall be the duty of the mayor to appoint all committees, unless otherwise ordered by the council, and to refer all litigation and other matters not specifically provided for in this chapter, to the proper committee. (Prior code § 2.24)

2.16.080 Order of business.

The order of business at meetings of the council, which shall not be departed from except by consent of three members of the council, shall be as follows:

A.    Roll call;

B.    Approval and correction of minutes;

C.    Special orders of the day;

D.    Communications;

E.    Reports of boards, commissions and committees;

F.    Reports of officials;

G.    Resolutions and ordinances;

H.    New business;

I.    Accounts;

J.    Adjournment. (Prior code § 2.25)