Chapter 2.20


2.20.010    Established—Purposes.

2.20.020    Financial reports required.

2.20.030    Additional duties.

2.20.040    Director—Office established.

2.20.050    Director—Appointment—Departmental duties.

2.20.060    Director—Qualifications.

2.20.070    Director—Powers, duties and responsibilities.

2.20.080    Director—Compensation.

2.20.090    Director—Bond.

2.20.100    Designation of temporary director.

2.20.010 Established—Purposes.

In accordance with Section 40805.5 of the Government Code of the state, and in order to establish a central agency for the uniform processing and development of all fiscal, accounting and budgetary functions within the city government, there is established a department of finance. (Prior code § 2.4: Ord. 278 § 1 (part))

2.20.020 Financial reports required.

The department of finance shall prepare and present to the city manager the following reports in sufficient detail to show the exact financial condition of the city:

A.    A monthly statement of all receipts, disbursements and balances of the city;

B.    An annual statement or report on the financial condition of the city;

C.    Such other financial reports as may be required by the city council or the city manager. (Prior code § 2.5: Ord. 278 § 3)

2.20.030 Additional duties.

The department of finance shall perform such additional duties and functions as may be hereafter prescribed or required by the city council or the city manager. (Prior code § 2.6: Ord. 278 § 4)

2.20.040 Director—Office established.

The office of director of finance is established. (Prior code § 2.12: Ord. 278 § 1 (part))

2.20.050 Director—Appointment—Departmental duties.

The department of finance shall be directed by the director of finance or a comparable classification subject to professional qualifications and operational requirements as determined by the city manager, who shall be appointed by and serve at the pleasure of the city manager. The director of finance shall:

A.    Supervise the activities and functions of the department of finance;

B.    Cooperate with the city treasurer and other officials of the city in establishing and maintaining sufficient and satisfactory controls over municipal revenues and expenditures of all departments, divisions and services of the city in accordance with modern municipal accounting practices. (Ord. 2013-003 § 3: prior code § 2.13: Ord. 278 § 5)

2.20.060 Director—Qualifications.

The director of finance shall be qualified by sufficient technical accounting training, skill and experience to be proficient in the office. The director of finance shall also show evidence of his executive ability. (Prior code § 2.15: Ord. 278 § 6)

2.20.070 Director—Powers, duties and responsibilities.

The director of finance shall be the head of the finance department and shall have the power and be vested and charged with the following duties and responsibilities under the jurisdiction of the city manager:

A.    Maintain and operate the general accounting system of the city and of each of the respective departments, divisions and services thereof. He shall prescribe the accounting and bookkeeping procedure that may now or hereafter be established or be in operation in any department;

B.    Perform such accounting functions and duties in accordance with the latest and most modern accounting methods as the science of accounting progresses;

C.    Keep and maintain, prescribe and require the keeping of inventory records and central stores accounts;

D.    Assume, maintain and perform all functions and duties as the city council may now or hereafter prescribe by ordinance relating to the administration of taxes, licenses and permit fees levied or charged by the city, and for the collection thereof;

E.    Assume and perform all municipal functions and duties relating to the preparation, preauditing, presenting and disbursement of claims, warrants and demands against the city, including payrolls, to insure that the budget appropriations are not exceeded;

F.    Assist in the purchase of all services, supplies, goods, wares, merchandise, equipment and material which may be required by the city;

G.    Assist in the preparation of the annual budget and in the administration thereof as the city manager may direct;

H.    Perform all the financial and accounting duties heretofore imposed upon the city clerk, and the city clerk shall be relieved of such duties, including all such duties imposed upon the city clerk by Sections 37201 to 37210 and by Sections 40802 to 40805 of the Government Code of the state;

I.    Perform such duties as may be imposed upon him by law or by the direction of the city manager. (Prior code § 2.14: Ord. 278 § 2)

2.20.080 Director—Compensation.

The director of finance shall receive such compensation as the city council shall from time to time determine and fix by budget or resolution, and the compensation shall be a proper charge against such funds of the city as the city council shall designate. (Prior code § 2.16: Ord. 278 § 7)

2.20.090 Director—Bond.

The director of finance shall furnish to the city a corporate surety bond to be approved by the city attorney and paid for by the city council, in the sum of fifty thousand dollars, and shall be conditioned upon the faithful performance of the duties imposed on the director of finance as prescribed by this chapter. The bond fee shall be a proper charge against such funds as the city council shall designate. (Prior code § 2.17: Ord. 278 § 8)

2.20.100 Designation of temporary director.

Should the director of finance be absent or disabled, the city manager shall designate a temporary acting director of finance. (Prior code § 2.18: Ord. 278 § 9)