Chapter 2.32


2.32.010    Need established.

2.32.020    City council to be redevelopment agency.

2.32.030    Compensation.

2.32.010 Need established.

The city council has investigated and determined that there is a compelling community economic need for a redevelopment agency in the city and does so declare that there is a need for a redevelopment agency to function within the city, a general law city of the state. (Ord. 586 § 1, 1969)

2.32.020 City council to be redevelopment agency.

The city council does declare itself to be the redevelopment agency of the city and the members of said agency in that the population of said city is less than two hundred thousand. (Ord. 586 § 2, 1969)

2.32.030 Compensation.

The compensation of the members of said redevelopment agency is established at the amount authorized by California Health and Safety Code Section 33114.5, as it may be amended from time to time, per meeting for each meeting attended by a member; provided, that no member shall receive compensation for attending more than four meetings of the agency during any calendar month. (Ord. 2001-003 § 4, 2001: Ord. 642 § 1, 1973: Ord. 586 § 3, 1969)