Chapter 3.12


3.12.010    Warrants—Need not be audited by council.

3.12.020    Warrants—Drawing and signing.

3.12.030    Journal—Preparation and contents.

3.12.040    Journal—Attendance records to accompany.

3.12.050    Journal—Ratification and approval by council.

3.12.010 Warrants—Need not be audited by council.

All payroll warrants drawn in compliance with Sections 3.12.020 through 3.12.050 need not be audited by the city council prior to payment. (Prior code § 2.7)

3.12.020 Warrants—Drawing and signing.

All demands upon the city treasurer, when properly audited and approved pursuant to applicable ordinances and resolutions, shall be paid by warrant or check drawn upon the city treasurer and executed or signed by the director of finance and the city treasurer, and a general warrant upon the city treasurer shall be drawn by the city treasurer and the finance director for the total amount of the payroll as shown on the payroll journal on the fifteenth and last days of each month, and the same shall be signed by the finance director and city treasurer and shall specify the purpose for which the same is drawn and out of which fund it is to be paid. (Ord. 445 § 1, 1964: prior code § 2.9)

3.12.030 Journal—Preparation and contents.

A payroll journal shall be prepared by the finance director on the fifteenth and last days of each month, showing the name of each employee and officer of the city, the amount of such person’s earnings for the semimonthly period immediately proceeding, and the amount of deductions from such employee’s and officer’s wages and salary, such as deductions for withholding tax, group hospital insurance and any other deductions authorized either by the employee and officer or by law. (Prior code § 2.8)

3.12.040 Journal—Attendance records to accompany.

The payroll journal shall be accompanied by attendance records duly certified by the respective department heads as to employees in their respective departments and by the finance director as to all other officers and employees, containing the attendance records of such employees and officers for the period for which the payroll warrant is drawn. (Prior code § 2.10)

3.12.050 Journal—Ratification and approval by council.

The payroll journal and such attendance record, so certified as provided in Section 3.12.040, are to be presented to the city council for ratification and approval, at the first or any regular meeting of the city council succeeding the drawing of such payroll journal and such payroll warrant, and such payroll warrant shall, at the time of such submission to the city council, be audited by the city council. (Prior code § 2.11)