Chapter 5.24


5.24.010    Defined.

5.24.020    Permit—Required.

5.24.030    Permit—Application—Information required.

5.24.040    Permit—Application—Investigation and report.

5.24.050    Permit—Issuance.

5.24.060    Permit—Revocation.

5.24.070    Permit—Subject to terms and conditions of chapter.

5.24.080    Supervision by police chief.

5.24.090    Regulation of style of uniform and badge.

5.24.100    Compliance with state law required.

5.24.010 Defined.

For the purpose of this chapter, “patrol service” and “patrol system” mean any service or system which purports to furnish or does furnish to members or subscribers for a consideration, or otherwise, any watchman or guard, either uniformed or otherwise, to patrol any district in the city, or to guard or watch any property, or to perform any service usually and customarily performed by the regular patrolmen of the police department. (Prior code § 19.1: Ord. 57 § 1)

5.24.020 Permit—Required.

It is unlawful for any person, either as principal or agent, to engage in the business of conducting, or maintaining, or soliciting business for any patrol service or system without first obtaining a permit from the council therefor, and without paying the annual license fee. (Prior code § 19.2: Ord. 57 § 2)

5.24.030 Permit—Application—Information required.

Before any person engages in the business of conducting or maintaining any patrol service or system in the city, he or it shall make an application in writing to the city council for permission to engage in such business, and describe therein the district in which he or it desires to operate. (Prior code § 19.3: Ord. 57 § 3 (part))

5.24.040 Permit—Application—Investigation and report.

The application for a permit to engage in the business of conducting or maintaining any patrol service or system shall be referred to the chief of police who shall make an investigation concerning the character of the applicant and the condition of police protection prevailing within the district designated, and shall within seven days report thereon to the council. (Prior code § 19.4: Ord. 57 § 3 (part))

5.24.050 Permit—Issuance.

Upon receiving the report from the police chief on the investigation required by Section 5.24.040, the council shall grant or deny the applicant permission to engage in the business of conducting or maintaining any patrol service or patrol system; and such permission shall be granted unless it appears from such report of the chief of police that the applicant is not a person of good moral character or has not a good character in respect to honesty and integrity, or that the district designated in any such application is already supplied with sufficient or ample police protection, by the city or by a patrol service, or system, or both. (Prior code § 19.5: Ord. 57 § 3 (part))

5.24.060 Permit—Revocation.

Any permit and any license issued pursuant thereto to engage in the business of operating or maintaining any patrol system or patrol service may at any time be revoked by the city council for cause shown, after notice to the holder thereof and an opportunity to be heard has been given. (Prior code § 19.6: Ord. 57 § 4 (part))

5.24.070 Permit—Subject to terms and conditions of chapter.

Any permit, granted by the council as provided in Section 5.24.050, shall be issued upon the terms and conditions of this chapter. (Prior code § 19.7: Ord. 57 § 4 (part))

5.24.080 Supervision by police chief.

The patrol service or patrol system shall be operated and conducted under the general supervision of the chief of police. (Prior code § 19.8: Ord. 57 § 4 (part))

5.24.090 Regulation of style of uniform and badge.

The chief of police shall regulate the style of uniform and badge, if any, to be used by the patrol system or patrol service. (Prior code § 19.9: Ord. 57 § 4 (part))

5.24.100 Compliance with state law required.

The persons operating any patrol service or system in the city shall have complied with Sections 7500 to 7583 of the Business and Professions Code of the state. (Prior code § 19.10: Ord. 57 § 4 (part))