Division II. Land Use Entitlements and Procedures

Chapter 17.14


17.14.010    Purpose.

17.14.020    Requirements for development and new land uses.

17.14.030    Summary of entitlements and approving authority.

17.14.040    Additional approvals may be required.

17.14.010 Purpose.

The purpose of this chapter is to establish the general requirements of this title for the review and approval of proposed development and new land uses in the city. (Ord. 2015-002 § 3 (Exh. 1)(part), 2015)

17.14.020 Requirements for development and new land uses.

All uses and structures shall be established, maintained, constructed, reconstructed, altered, or replaced in compliance with the following requirements:

A.    Allowed Uses. The use of land shall be consistent with the allowed use regulations as listed in Division III, Zoning Districts, Allowed Uses, and Development Standards.

B.    Permit and Approval Requirements. Any development or land use approval required by this title must be obtained before it is constructed or otherwise established unless otherwise exempt in this title.

C.    Development Standards. All uses and structures must comply with the development standards described in this title, including but not limited to Division III, Zoning Districts, Allowed Uses, and Development Standards, and Division IV, Site Development Provisions.

D.    Conditions of Approval. The use of land and the construction of structures authorized by permits or entitlements granted by the city in accordance with the procedures provided by this title shall comply with any applicable conditions of approval imposed by the designated approving authority in approving the permit or entitlement, including any permit or entitlement that was approved prior to the effective date of this title or any amendments thereto.

E.    Legal Parcel. The use of land or the construction of a new structure shall only be permitted on parcels that have been legally created in compliance with Title 16, Subdivisions, and the Subdivision Map Act as determined by the director of public works. Legal nonconforming parcels may be used or developed in compliance with Chapter 17.08, Nonconformities.

F.    Development Agreements. All uses and structures shall comply with any applicable development agreement approved by the city.

G.    Building Permits and Other Permits. The structures shall comply with the requirements for building permits and applicable city, county, regional, special district, state, or federal permits. (Ord. 2015-002 § 3 (Exh. 1)(part), 2015)

17.14.030 Summary of entitlements and approving authority.

A.    Designated Approving Authority. Consistent with Chapter 17.04, Administrative Responsibility, the city has identified the three planning agencies (zoning administrator, planning commission, and city council) to administer this title. Collectively, those agencies have the responsibility to review and decide all permits and entitlements required by the city. This section summarizes the permits and entitlements by the designated approving authority. Section 17.16.070, Approving authority, provides additional information regarding both recommending and final approving authority as well as rules for special circumstances (e.g., multiple entitlements). Chapters 17.18, Zoning Administrator Decisions, 17.20, Planning Commission Decisions, and 17.22, City Council Decisions, include additional details regarding individual permits and entitlements (e.g., purpose, required findings).

B.    Entitlements Decided by the Zoning Administrator. The permits and entitlements listed below require approval from the city’s designated zoning administrator.

1.    Plan check/zoning clearance.

2.    Business licenses.

3.    Sign permits, except where otherwise provided in Title 18.

4.    Official code interpretation.

5.    Similar use determination.

6.    Home occupation permit.

7.    Temporary use permit.

8.    Minor adjustment.

9.    Administrative use permit and time extensions.

10.    Minor design review and time extensions.

11.    Reasonable accommodation.

C.    Entitlements Decided by the Planning Commission. The permits and entitlements listed below require approval from the planning commission.

1.    Entertainment permit.

2.    Major design review.

3.    Conditional use permit.

4.    Variance.

5.    Planned development.

D.    Entitlements Decided by the City Council. The permits and entitlements listed below require approval from the city council. More details regarding approving authority are listed in Section 17.16.070, Approving authority.

1.    Development agreement.

2.    Specific plan.

3.    Zoning amendment.

4.    General plan amendment.

5.    Prezoning.

6.    Appeals of planning commission. (Ord. 2015-002 § 3 (Exh. 1)(part), 2015)

17.14.040 Additional approvals may be required.

The establishment, operation, construction, or development of uses, properties, and structures may be subject to additional permitting and licensing requirements imposed by other sections of this municipal code or applicable local, regional, state, or federal laws. All applicable permits, licenses, or other approvals including, without limitation, building, grading, or other construction permits shall be obtained prior to the start of work or operations. This specifically includes building, grading, tree removal or other construction permits. (Ord. 2015-002 § 3 (Exh. 1)(part), 2015)