Chapter 17.36


17.36.010    Purpose.

17.36.020    Intent of individual districts.

17.36.030    Uses allowed.

17.36.040    Development standards.

17.36.050    Accessory uses.

17.36.010 Purpose.

The purpose of this chapter is to provide locations for uses that support civic, cultural, health, educational, infrastructure, and open space uses for the community, consistent with the policy direction in the San Pablo general plan. The intent of each of the public and semi-public zoning districts is described below. (Ord. 2015-002 § 3 (Exh. 1)(part), 2015)

17.36.020 Intent of individual districts.

A.    I District. The I institutional district is intended to implement the public/semi-public land use designation in the general plan by providing for uses such as parks, government administrative offices, schools and school playgrounds, hospitals, convalescent homes, fire stations, public utility stations, post offices, and various types of state and federal facilities. In some situations, other types of complementary uses are allowed with a use permit.

B.    OS District. The OS open space district is intended to implement the open space land use designation in the general plan by providing for non-recreational open space, active recreational open space, creeks, and passive recreational open space. This district is to be applied to lands owned by a public agency. In some situations, other types of complementary uses are allowed with a use permit. (Ord. 2015-002 § 3 (Exh. 1)(part), 2015)

17.36.030 Uses allowed.

A.    Matrix of Uses. Table 17.36-A contains the use regulations for the public/semi-public zoning districts, listed by classes of uses as defined in Division VI, Glossary. The allowable uses in Table 17.36-A for each district are established by letter designations as follows:

1.    “R” designates classes of uses permitted by right.

2.    “A” designates classes of uses that require an administrative review pursuant to Section 17.18.020, Plan check/zoning clearance.

3.    “U” designates classes of uses permitted with a use permit pursuant to Section 17.20.040, Conditional use permit.

4.    “–” designates classes of uses that are prohibited.

5.    Any class of use not listed in Table 17.36-A is prohibited.

B.    Exceptions along Railroad Lines and Streams. Notwithstanding the provisions of Table 17.36-A, the following provisions apply:

1.    Any development within three hundred feet of a railroad line that is used at least once daily shall require a use permit to ensure that the development adequately mitigates noise and vibration from the rail operations, pursuant to the relevant policies and actions under Goal PS 4 of the general plan.

2.    Any development, including land disturbance, that is within fifty feet of any stream shall require a use permit to ensure that the development adequately avoids impacts to wetland features or woodlands, reduces impacts to the creek, and prevents degradation of riparian and wetland features from potential urban pollutants, pursuant to the relevant policies and actions related to creeks under Goal ER 1 of the general plan.

C.    Design Review. Certain uses also require design review. A list of those uses is contained in Section 17.18.090, Minor design review, and Section 17.20.030, Major design review.

D.    Principal Uses Only. Only principal uses are listed in Table 17.36-A. Accessory uses are addressed in Section 17.36.050, Accessory uses.

E.    Other Regulations. Some uses are also subject to the provisions of Title 5 and other titles of the San Pablo Municipal Code. Those provisions are in addition to the provisions in this chapter.

F.    Special Provisions. Special provisions related to a use are referenced in the special provisions column of Table 17.36-A.


Table 17.36-A—Public and Semi-Public Districts: Use Regulations 

Land Use/Zoning District



Special Provisions

Residential Uses

Accessory Dwelling Unit

Section 17.60.070

Assisted Living Facilities


Boarding Houses



Community Care Facilities



Day Care, Small Family


Day Care, Large Family


Dwellings, Multiple-Family


Dwellings, Single-Family Attached

Section 17.32.040

Dwellings, Single-Family Detached

Section 17.32.040

Dwellings, Two-Family (Duplexes)

Section 17.32.040

Home Occupations

Section 17.60.030

Incidental Residences




Live-Work Facility

Section 17.60.040

Mobile Home Parks

Section 17.60.060

Residential Care Facilities



Recreation, Resource Preservation, Open Space, Education, and Public Assembly Uses





Community Facilities



Community Gardens




Day Care Centers



Hospitals and Clinics



Public Services



Recreation, Amusements


Recreation, Indoor



Recreation, Major Arcades


Recreation, Minor Arcades


Recreation, Outdoor Passive




Recreation, Parks and Playgrounds




Religious Institutions



Schools, Private



Schools, Public



Utility, Transportation, Public Facility, and Communication Uses

Wireless Facilities

Sections 17.62.200 and 17.62.300

Utilities, Major




Utilities, Minor




Retail, Service, and Office Uses

Adult-Oriented Businesses

Section 17.62.010

Alcoholic Beverage Sales

Section 17.62.020

Animal Boarding


Animal Care


Bed and Breakfast


Business and Professional Services


Cannabis, Commercial Facilities and Activities

Section 17.62.130

Cannabis, Delivery


Section 17.62.130

Cannabis, Limited Personal Cultivation

Section 17.62.130

Cannabis, Outdoor Cultivation

Section 17.62.130

Check Cashing Businesses

Section 17.62.050

Dance and Fitness Studios


Escort Services

Section 17.62.120

Farmers Markets




Food and Beverage Sales, Convenience


Food and Beverage Sales, General


Funeral and Interment Services



Health Food Stores

Section 17.62.090

Hotels and Motels


Massage Establishments

Section 17.62.120

Medical Cannabis Facility

Section 17.62.130

Mobile Vending

Section 17.62.140





Personal Services


Repair Services, General


Repair Services, Limited


Restaurants, Fast Service

Section 17.62.160

Restaurants, Full Service


Retail Sales, General


Retail Sales, Local


Retail Sales, Outdoor


Retail Sales, Regional


Secondhand Dealers

Section 17.62.170

Smoke Shops

Section 17.62.180

Tattoo Parlors

Section 17.62.190



Automobile and Vehicle Uses

Automotive, General Repair

Section 17.62.040

Automotive, Limited Repair

Section 17.62.040

Automotive, New Car Sales


Automotive, Parking


Automotive, Parts Sales


Automotive, Service Stations


Automotive, Used Car Sales


Automotive, Washing


Boat and RV Sales


Taxicab Companies


Truck Repair and Sales


Industrial, Manufacturing, and Processing Uses

Building Materials


Industry, General


Industry, Limited



Section 17.62.110

Maintenance Yards


Recycling Services, Consumer



Recycling Services, Donation/Collection Boxes



Recycling Services, General



Research and Development



Storage, Personal



Warehousing and Storage, Enclosed



Warehousing and Storage, Outdoors


(Ord. 2020-002 § 10, 2020; Ord. 2017-005 § 4, 2017; Ord. 2017-003 § 4, 2017; Ord. 2016-001 § 4, 2016: Ord. 2015-002 § 3 (Exh. 1)(part), 2015)

17.36.040 Development standards.

A.    General. No minimum parcel area is required.

B.    Height. The maximum building height is twenty-seven feet; provided, that a greater height may be allowed pursuant to a use permit.

C.    Floor Area Ratio. A maximum floor area ratio is not applicable.

D.    Setbacks. The following setbacks are required:

1.    No front yard setback is required except where the frontage in a block is partially in a residential district, in which case the front yard shall be the same as the residential district.

2.    No side yard setback is required except where the side of a parcel abuts the side of a parcel in a residential district or a parcel on which a residential use is located, in which case the side yard shall be not less than ten feet.

3.    No rear yard setback is required except where the rear of a parcel abuts a residential district or a parcel on which a residential use is located, in which case the rear yard shall not be less than ten feet.

E.    Stormwater Management. For rules on stormwater management, see Chapter 8.40. (Ord. 2015-002 § 3 (Exh. 1)(part), 2015)

17.36.050 Accessory uses.

Accessory uses normally incidental to the type of principal use located on the parcel are allowed. In case of dispute, the zoning administrator shall determine if a use is an accessory or a principal use. (Ord. 2015-002 § 3 (Exh. 1)(part), 2015)