Chapter 10.30


10.30.010  Purpose.

10.30.020  Definition.

10.30.030  Regulation.

10.30.040  Exemptions from regulations.

10.30.050  Responsibility of parents and guardians.

10.30.060  Appeal.

10.30.010 Purpose.

The City Council of City finds that certain off-street operation of vehicles creates unnecessary, excessive and annoying noise, dust and fumes, and exposes both private and public property to the dangers of fire and soil erosion, all of which adversely affect the public peace, health, welfare and safety and all of which shall be regulated for the protection of the public. (Ord. 1250 § 1, 10-26-71. Formerly § 18-27).

10.30.020 Definition.

A "vehicle" for the purpose of this chapter is a device by which any person or property may be propelled, moved or drawn, excepting a device moved by human power. "Vehicle" includes but is not limited to automobile, motorcycle, motor-driven cycle and motor vehicle as defined in the Vehicle Code of the State of California. (Ord. 1250 § 1, 10-26-71. Formerly § 18-28).

10.30.030 Regulation.

No person shall operate a vehicle on private or public property without first having obtained a permit. Permits shall be issued by the Chief of Police upon a determination that:

(a) The owner or owners of said real property concerned, or the person or persons in lawful possession thereof, have consented in writing to the proposed operation;

(b) The property concerned as shown on the latest assessor's map is at least five hundred (500) feet from any residence, church, school or place of assemblage which has not consented in writing to the proposed operation;

(c) The Director of Planning and Inspection has certified that the proposed operation conforms to the uses permitted on subject property by the City's Zoning Ordinance;

(d) The Fire Marshal has certified that the proposed operation will not create a fire hazard; and

(e) The Director of Public Works or City Engineer has certified that the proposed operation will not adversely affect public property.

The permit shall specify the area of permitted operation and period for which it is valid. The permit shall further state that the City makes no representation as to the safety of persons or property, and that all risks are assumed by the applicant, property owner or other responsible persons. (Ord. 1250 § 1, 10-26-71; Ord. 1769 § 3, 8-20-02. Formerly § 18-29).

10.30.040 Exemptions from regulations.

Exempt from the regulations of this chapter are:

(a) Operation under the State of California Vehicle Code of vehicles having valid registration driven by persons possessing valid operator's license upon the public streets and highways and for normal ingress and egress from private and public property where driveways and parking places are used in a reasonable and customary manner.

(b) Vehicles designed primarily for agricultural, horticultural or construction purposes and used in the ordinary, lawful way in such activities.

(c) Operation of publicly owned vehicles by a public employee acting within the course and scope of his/her employment. (Ord. 1250 § 1, 10-26-71. Formerly § 18-30).

10.30.050 Responsibility of parents and guardians.

No parent, guardian or other adult person having control, custody or care of any minor under the age of eighteen (18) years shall permit, allow or let such minor to violate any provision of SCCC 10.30.030. (Ord. 1250 § 1, 10-26-71. Formerly § 18-31).

10.30.060 Appeal.

Any person whose application for a permit is denied may appeal such decision to the City Council by filing a written notice of appeal within ten days after notification by the Chief of Police that said permit has been denied. The City Council shall thereupon conduct a hearing on said appeal within thirty (30) days from the date of filing said notice of appeal with the City Clerk. The decision of the City Council shall be final and conclusive upon all persons concerned. (Ord. 1250 § 1, 10-26-71. Formerly § 18-32).