Chapter 16.25


16.25.010  Applicable provisions.

16.25.020  Billing and collection by Director of Finance.

16.25.030  Payment – Delinquency – Penalty.

16.25.010 Applicable provisions.

In conducting special assessment proceedings for the construction or acquisition of public improvements and the financing thereof, the City Council may employ the provisions of (1) the Municipal Improvement Act of 1913 (California Streets and Highways Code Section 10000 et seq.); (2) the Improvement Bond Act of 1915 (California Streets and Highways Code Section 8500); and/or (3) this title. Whenever the City Council elects to employ those statutes, the modifications set forth in this chapter shall be deemed to apply, notwithstanding provisions in the statutes to the contrary. (Ord. 1691 § 1, 7-2-96).

16.25.020 Billing and collection by Director of Finance.

Notwithstanding anything specified in either of said above Acts and said Improvement Procedure Code, the City, in lieu of any other procedure for the collection of assessments, may, in its sole discretion, provide that any or all unpaid assessments may be billed and collected by the Director of Finance of said City. (Ord. 1691 § 2, 7-2-96).

16.25.030 Payment – Delinquency – Penalty.

The following shall apply:

(a) The unpaid assessments shall be payable in annual installments corresponding in number and in proportionate amount to the number of installments and principal amounts of bonds maturing or becoming subject to mandatory prior redemption in each year. An annual proportion of each assessment shall be payable in each fiscal year preceding the date of maturity or mandatory prior redemption date of each of the bonds which have been issued, sufficient to pay the bonds when due. The annual proportion of each assessment coming due in any year, together with the annual interest on the assessment, shall, subject to SCCC 16.25.020, be payable in the same manner and at the same time and in the same installments as the general taxes of the City on real property are payable, and the assessment installments and the annual interest on the assessment shall be payable and become delinquent at the same times and in the same proportionate amounts and, except as provided in subsection (b) of this section, shall bear the same proportionate penalties and interest after delinquency as do the general taxes on real property of the City.

(b) The City Council may provide, in the resolution of intention to do the work, that a penalty of two percent per month of the total amount of the delinquent installment shall be added to the delinquent installment after the close of business on the delinquency date and an additional penalty of two percent of the amount of the delinquency shall be added at the beginning of business on the tenth day of each succeeding month until that delinquent installment and all penalties thereon are fully paid. This penalty shall be in lieu of all other penalties assessed by other provisions of law. The Director of Finance shall collect the penalties with, and as a part of, the delinquent installments. All penalties collected shall be deposited in the redemption fund. (Ord. 1691 § 3, 7-2-96).