Chapter 18.84


18.84.010  Central business area – Parking requirements.

18.84.020  Construction permit required.

18.84.010 Central business area – Parking requirements.

The parking requirements for any commercial-downtown zoning district land use on any lot or parcel of land within the central business area may be provided on property, in any commercial-downtown zoning district, within five hundred (500) feet distance of the principal entrance of the use, structure or building for which parking is provided as such distance is measured along the shortest sidewalk or walkway permanently available for public use and provided that the parking facility shall be within the central business area or upon any of the lots or parcels of land outside said area but immediately fronting upon and contiguous to the streets bounding said area, subject to the following conditions.

(a) The commercial land use lot or parcel in the central business area and the parking facility property shall be maintained in the same ownership so long as the parking facility property is necessary to provide the lot or parcel in the central business area with parking to comply with the requirements of this title and any regulations made or actions taken pursuant thereto; provided, however, that if parking facility property is provided in a parking assessment district for which the commercial land use lot or parcel is assessed, the owner of said lot or parcel served by said district need not be required to have an ownership interest in the parking facility property.

(b) The parking facility shall be maintained so long as the commercial use it serves exists or until other parking facilities permitted by this title are provided to satisfy the requirements of this title. Such parking facilities shall not be used for the sale or display of merchandise or for any other purpose except parking.

(c) A plot plan showing the detailed layout of the parking facilities shall be presented to, approved by, and retained by the Director of Public Works, or designee. A copy of said plan and the action taken thereon shall be recorded in the City site-clearance files before the herein described noncontiguous parking will be authorized or is allowed as an exception to the requirement that parking requirements be met on the lot with land use served.

(d) That parking spaces, driveways, curb cuts, and parking facility lot layout shall be in accordance with City standards and shall be shown in detail on said plot plan.

(e) The land upon which such parking facilities are provided that abuts upon a public street right-of-way shall be reserved for landscaping and landscaped to a depth of at least ten feet of said street right-of-way and of any plan line, with openings for walkway or drive purposes in accordance with City standards. An additional five percent of the area of the remainder of the parking lot shall be devoted to landscaping. All planted areas shall be maintained in good growing condition by the owner, and adequate water lines to maintain all of the plantings shall be provided and maintained by him. A masonry or concrete wall, at least four feet high, shall be built and maintained by the owner on the land on which such parking facilities are provided and on a line no part of which is less than ten feet from any public street, right-of-way, or plan line with openings for walkway or driveway purposes in accordance with City standards. The land on which such parking facilities are provided that abuts upon land in a residentially zoned district shall be fenced to a height of six feet except that both the fence height and the fence material for that portion of the fence extending from a point at least twenty (20) feet from any public street right-of-way and any plan line to the aforesaid masonry or concrete wall shall be the same as the said wall. Every planted area, water facility, fence and wall shall be shown on said plot plan with any walkway or driveway approach, and every parking facility shall be maintained by the owner thereof in accordance with the approved plot plan.

(f) Adequate lighting facilities shall be established and maintained on the parking facility lot by the owner thereof and shall be shown on the plot plan. Any such lighting shall be directed and maintained so as not to interfere with persons using any public street or improvement or to unnecessarily interfere with the use and enjoyment of property of any person.

(g) The lot on which such parking facilities are provided shall not be used for advertising, except that a sign or signs the combined area of which does not exceed twelve (12) square feet may be installed to indicate the name of the business or businesses that the parking lot serves, and the responsibility which the property owner assumes or does not assume as to any vehicle using such facilities. Necessary traffic-control signs are also permitted. All signs shall be shown on said plot plan. The area of all signs shall be calculated in accordance with City regulations of such, as are from time to time adopted by the City.

(h) The area reserved for parking on said plot plan shall be paved in accordance with standards established by the Director of Public Works and Utilities, and such paving shall be kept and maintained in a good state of repair by the owner of the parking facility until it is no longer used as such. (Zoning Ord. § 42-1; Ord. 1774 § 2, 8-20-02).

18.84.020 Construction permit required.

A construction permit, to be issued by the building inspection division, shall be required to establish, construct, enlarge, alter, move, improve, remove or convert any off-street parking facility. (Zoning Ord. § 42-2).